Friday, April 5, 2013

Rejuvenate Sweat Pants and More

Photos of the new Rejuvenate Sweat Pants.

Photos of the new Wunder Unders crops in white and reversible Pinkelicious/Pink Parfait.

Beach Blanket Blue Scuba with Kayak blue Work It Out Pants. Such a pretty color for a hoodie.

Kayak Blue Work It Out Pants. Bottom photo is shown with a Pink Parfait Swiftly LS.

More Parfait Pink Swiftly LS. Shown with white Studio Pants and a Pinkelicious Forme Jacket.

Interesting pairing - Practice Freely Tank and Beach Runner Crops.

 Throw Me Over hoodie, Clari Tee, and Rejuvenate Sweat Pants.

White Studio Pants and Pinkelicious Forme Jacket.

The Fresh Teal Burnout Tank, Rejuvenate Sweat Pants and White Energy Bra.

OT: Kira Grace Reviews, Part 1 - Flare Pant, Knee Pant, and Capri Legging

Yoga Knee Pant

Flare Yoga Pant
Yoga Capri Legging
Kira Grace sent me quite a few of their tank and bottom styles to try out so I've decided to split the reviews in to two parts. Part 1 will cover the bottoms.

I've been able to try three of Kira Grace's bottom styles over the last few months: the Yoga Knee Pant, the Flare Yoga Pant, and Yogi Capri Legging. I previously wrote about the Capri Legging here so will concentrate more on the knee pant and flare pant for this review.

The material on all the bottoms is made of are 88% nylon/12% spandex. It offers good coverage, compression, and support. My only two nits are that it feels a little itchy when I first put it on which could be because I am so used to the feel of luon, but after I wear it I don't notice anything different in the feel. I also want to say that is for the black material only. The colored tanks I have are super soft. The other nit is that I find the material on the warm side. I will note that I do workout indoors in Southern California so I have a tendency to overheat anyway.  I've worn the bottoms for cardio workouts and get heated in them. On the other hand, I reach for the Flare pants on colder days because they are the warmiest yoga pants I own. I bet these bottoms would be nice for outdoor boot camp classes, which are popular in my area.

These are the Flare Yoga Pants. As you can see the front waistband looks similar to Groove pants. I think the overall fit is a lot like lululemon's Tadasana pants - snug all the way down until the calf. The pants are mid-rise according to the Kira Grace website but on me it comes up to my belly button. The rise is similar to that on Groove pants. (I measure them both as about 9" to the top of the gusset triangle). The waistband is very comfortable - wide and supportive - stays in place when bending and gives a flat profile under tanks. The pants have a 32.5" inseam. The gusset is triangle shaped but seems placed in a more forward position than lululemon pants. All seams are flat seamed.  I've noticed a little abrasion develop in the crotch area with wear but no pilling. The pants have not faded or bagged out - they are high quality pants.

Warrior Yoga Legging

Grace Yoga Knee Pant
Warrior Yoga Legging and Grace Yoga Knee Pant

The Warrior Yoga Legging and the Grace Yoga Knee Pant are made of the same material composition and weight as the Flare Pants. Both of these styles have comfortable wide waistbands. I wore both these styles for cardio and weights workouts. They stay in place nicely. They are rated as low rise which means they hit me a couple of inches under my belly button. The rise on both is about 8" on the Knee Pant and 8.5" on the Legging. The Knee Pants have a 16" inseam which hits me right below my knee but rides up to my knee with exercise. Even though the crops sits at my knee during exercise it didn't feel constrictive. The Leggings have a 21" inseam. The leggings have these very cute and distinctive cut outs along the calf. I probably prefer the Knee pant because I don't have anything else that length in my collection. I also tend to like shorter capris for cardio. Both of these crops have a pocket set into the waistband for a key or ipod. Both of these bottoms offer great support and fit.

All in all, Kira Grace offers some nice quality bottoms. They are compressive and hold their shape and color. The stitching is flat seamed, flawlessly finished, and  made in the USA. I think they give good coverage. My husband said he could see the outline of my underwear but there was no sheerness when I bent over.

Also, as much as I liked their bottoms I really liked the tanks Kira Grace sent me. The reminded me of old school lululemon a lot - great fabric, feminine designs, and super supportive built in bras. I will review the Yoga Halter, Double Strap, Sexy Tank, Stance Tank, and Y-Back tanks in Part II.

Additionally, the Kira Grace company also likes to give back to the community. They donated 100% of the profits from a couple of pieces - the Goddess Warrior Tank and Yoga Knee Pant - to Off the Mat Into the World Program.

*** Full disclosure - I was given these items to review but there was no other compensation for the review. ***