Monday, March 25, 2013


New print revealed in the Pace Setter skirt - Frangipani Parfait pink. It's not wowing me in the photos but I might like it better in person and paired with the darker Pinkelicious.

Aquamarine is back. I don't think I bought a single Aquamarine item the last time it came out. I do like it paired with the darker blue, though.

New pink - Pinkelicious. I'll take a Cool Racerback in this, please, and, an Energy bra.

New Cool Racerback in Fresh Teal. Not sure whether I'll order this or wait to get it at a store.

Did you order anything tonight?

NEW! Twist and Shout Scarves, Rejuvenate Pullover Colors, and More

New Mellow Lemon Rejuvenate Pullover and Twist and Shout Scarf. One store identified the scarf color as Aquamarine but it looks a lot like the same color as the Peacock water bottle in her bag in the bottom photo.

New Twist and Shout Scarves in Parfait Pink, white, and Aquamarine/Peacock Blue? and new Dune Rejuvenate Pullover.

New Dune Heat It Up bra. Also shown is the Dune Street to Studio Jacket.

New Run From Work backpack.

The Street to Studio crops are now hitting North America. Coming in Faded Zap, Pop Orange, Dune and Black.