Monday, March 11, 2013


I ordered the Liberate tank in black. I'm not sure if it will work for me but it looks cute. I was hoping a Fresh Teal Cool Racerback would be uploaded tonight but no luck.

I like the thick straps on the Om Onsie but the not really caring for the bun-revealing (wedgie-city?) backside.  I really don't care for much in the swim line except for the Very Green/Faded Zap/Fresh Teal rashguard.

Excited to see more Beach Blanket blue items show up. This isn't a bad scuba but am wondering why the back panel is Dune and not blue.

Did you order anything?

More of the Latest

Petite Dot Faded Zap Cool Racerback and new Inkwell Coast to Class Pant. I have to say I am loving the black Coast to Class pants I got on md at my store. They are very comfortable and the luon feels like older luon - thick and has great coverage. I haven't felt the inkwell version yet, but the black is a winner.

The Dune Petite Dot Cool Racerback looks incredibly sheer and so have some of the Faded Zap petite dot CRB photos I've seen. I may still order this CRB to give a try for myself.

Some close ups of the petite dot pattern in Faded Zap and Dune.

Another photo of the new Liberate tank. It looks very cute. I am tempted to order it tonight if it comes in a 12. I like halter tops even though sometimes they bug the back of my neck. Also shown is the new Pop Orange Street to Studio jacket.

Swim Line Revealed

Board Balance Sport Top. Comes in Dune/Fresh Teal/Faded Zap/Pop Orange, Bleached Coral/Pop Orange, and Black/Inkwell, Very Green

Board Balance Rash Guard - comes in Black/Inkwell

Coastal Om Bikini Bottom. Comes in Bleached Coral/Dune/Pop Orange, Black/Inkwell, Fresh Teal/Faded Zap/Very Green

Surfs Up Scarf in Dune and Bleached Coral. The scarf has been spotted at strategic partner stores and is $48.

 Coastal Om Onsie - Inkwell/Black

Coastal Om Triangle Top - coming in Fresh Teal/Faded Zap/Pop Orange, Black/Inkwell, Bleached Coral/Dune/Pop Orange
Sandy Savasana Top - Fresh Teal/Faded Zap/Very Green, Black/Inkwell, Bleached Coral/Dune/Pop Orange

Sandy Savasana Bottom - Fresh Teal/Faded Zap/Pop Orange, Fresh Teal/Faded Zap/Very Green, Bleached Coral/Dune/Pop Orange, Black/Inkwell

NEW! Liberate Tank, Petite Dot Dune and Faded Zap CRB and More

New halter-style tank called the Liberate tank. Shown in Fresh Teal. Shown with the new Pop Orange Street to Studio jacket and Inkwell Free Fall crops.

New Pop Orange Street to Studio Jacket, Fresh Teal and Pop Orange Practice Freely tanks, and Pop Orange/Bleached Coral Vino to Vinyasa bag.

The Presence Pant is back. I can't remember if I ever tried this on but I'm thinking I haven't.

 New Cool Racerbacks in Petite Dot Dune and Petite Dot Faded Zap. Both are whitish on the inside. (Thanks to Ms. M. for the photos.)

New solid Dune Practice Freely tank.