Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pop Orange Groovy Run Shorts and More

The new colors and patterns.

The Wagon Stripe Pop Orange Groovy Run Shorts are cute. Also shown is the Petite dot Fresh Teal.

Fresh Teal Pace shorts and Faded Zap Swiftly - like that combo

 Fresh Teal Pace Skirt.

Pretty new waistband on the Wunder Under Pants.

Faded Zap Scuba Stretch

Frond Wunder Unders with matching Studio Surf Jacket
Cardio Kick Tank and Frond Groovy Run Shorts.

Free Fall Crops, Pace Setter and Pace Skirts

The solid Inkwell Wunder Unders that reverse to black.

Inkwell Free Fall crops. If you are looking for a comfortable crop for yoga I really like these.

Pace Skirt

Faded Zap Pace Skirt and Tank
The latest Pace Setter and Pace Skirts. There is a Cool Racerback coming in the Faded Zap dot print. I'm not sure whether I like that print or not.

Sprint Bra, Wee Space Pace Crops, Pinstripe Wunder Unders

Photos of the new Sprint Bra in Faded Zap and Fresh Teal/Very Green. Also shown is the Hook Me Up bra and Pace crops. I don't think I've seen a flattering photo yet of the new Sprint bra.

Left: Pace Setter Skirts, Top Right: Pace Shorts, Bottom Right: Pace Crops
I was toying with the idea of exchanging my Inkwell Inpsires in for the Inkwell Wee Space Pace crops but I think the front stripes are killing it for me. I still might give them a try on tomorrow.

Shown with the Heart Ease LS

I'm really liking the Inkwell Pinstripe Wunder Under Pants. I've read they run snug in the calf.