Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lulu Swimwear Photos?

Sooo, the Miami store just uploaded these. I think - not 100% sure, but think it's a really good bet - they are from the new lulu swimwear line. The colors are certainly current.

Update - the photos are off the Miami facebook site. I'd say it's 100% sure these are the new swim line. Lol. Sorry, Miami, didn't mean to get you in trouble.

Sprint Bra, Classy Cap, and More

Pop Orange Free to Be Bra and new quilted Wunder Under pants.

The new Spring Bra. Can't say I'm a fan of the color blocked one.

Shown with the Inkwell Stripe Pace Setter skirt

Hook Me Up Bra photos.

Very Green Ebb and Flow. I'm reading some fit reports that say this pulls on your neck. I would think it depends on how endowed you are.

The Inkwell Wee Space Pace Crop shown with a Daily Yoga jacket.

Pop Orange Pace Tank shown with Fresh Teal Groovy Run shorts.

This is from Australia but the two middle colors are a Pop Orange and Bleached Coral 105F Singlets.

The Mellow Lemon Ocean Stripe Cool Racerback color looks very true to life here. It's usually washed out in photos.

Free Fall crops are back.

 Pace Skirts in Fresh Teal and Inkwell.

 The Rise and Shine pant shown with the Beach Runner Jacket.

Classy Cap

Pinstripe Wunder Unders and More

A closer look at the Inkwell Pinkstripe Wunder Under pants. Shown with the Street to Studio Jacket.

Faded Zap Swiftly tank and Inkwell Wee Space Pace Crop

 Bonded Cool Racerback and Faded Zap Pace Setter Skirt.

 Bonded Cool Raacerbacks and Pace Crop (not sure about the bottoms on the right)

Faded Zap Hook Me Up Bra

More of the Latest

The Inkwell Pinstripe Wunder Under Pants.

Pace Tank and Skirt in white and Fresh Teal.

Fresh Teal Beach Runner Jacket, Pace Tank and white Pace Setter Skirt.

The Whole Fresh Teal look - Beach Runner Jacket, Pace Tank and Pace Crops.

Bleached Coral Beach Runner, Faded Zap Swiftly, Pace Shorts (I think.)

The Ebb and Flow bra. (thanks to Ms. M. for the second photo.)

New Rise and Shine Run Pant and More

Cute combo - Beach Runner Jacket with the Proceed with Speed Crops.

I notice in quite a few photos that this jacket seems to pull across the shoulders/upper chest when this jacket is zipped all the way up. The web models don't seem to have this problem so maybe a lot of the ladies are sizing down in this jacket for the photos.

I forgot to point these out yesterday - new Rise and Shine run pant. I like the looser bottom.

The new bonded Wunder Unders and Rejuvenate pullover.

The Mellow Lemon Ocean Stripe Cool Racerback, shown with Inkwell Inspire crops.

The Ebb and Flow bra with Work It Out pants.

More Work It Out Pant photos.