Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More of the Latest

I am kind of digging the tri-tone Dune/Bleached Coral/Black Surf Studio Jacket with the matching Bleached Coral Grooves. It will certainly be a stand-out outfit at your studio or gym. The Mellow Lemon Studio Pants are not doing it for me at all. Shown with a Rejuvenate hoodie.

Mellow Lemon Studio Pants, Dune Wunder Unders, Coral Grooves and More

The Mellow Lemon Studio Pants. Shown with the Warm Up Crew.

The Dune Gingham Wunder Unders.

Just little pieces of the Dune Gingham Cool Racerback shown here with the Bleached Coral Rejuvenate Hoodie.

The Frond Wunder Unders reverse to black.

More Surf Studio jacket photos.

 More of the Bleached Coral Grooves.

 Cardio Kick Tank and Frond Proceed With Speed Crops

 Pace Tank and Inkwell Inspire Crops

Surya Tank and Invert Crop

My Collection: The Swiftlys

Swiftly SL Tanks, left to right: Paris Pink, Pop Orange, Sea Wheeze Dark Plum Stripe, Pow Pink, Bruised Berry, and Caspian Blue.

Swiftly SS Tees, left to right: Sea Wheeze Metal Vent Tech gray, Lagoon, Potion Purple, Angel Blue, Antidote, Dark Classic Sport Gray, and Dazzling. I don't think I've paid full price for any SS Swiftly except for the Potion. However, I rarely wear the SS length.

Swiftly LS, left to right: Dark Classic Sport Gray, Lolo Purprle, Rocksteady, Alberta Lake, Pink Shell.

Fond Swiftly Compared to Others

I got my Frond Swiftly yesterday. This is it laid on top of Paris Pink on top of Caspian. It's about an inch shorter than the Paris.