Monday, February 25, 2013

Surya Tank, Heat It Up Crop/Bra/Short, Yoga On the Run Duffel and More

New luon light Surya Tank. Shown with new Heat It Up Crops and Shorts. I am curious to try on the Heat It Up crops since they are made of three different materials - luon light, luxtreme, and luon.

Heat It Up Crop, Heat It Up Bra, and Yoga On the Run Duffel.

 New Heat It Up Bra and matching Heat It Up Short, for hot yoga.

The pretty new Bleached Coral and Mellow Lemon Rejuvenate Hoodies.

Surf Studio Jacket is $148?

What, exactly, makes the Studio Surf jacket worth $148? People here have commented it's a Define with a hood. Total balls. How many items are lingering because the prices are just too high for the value/style? It's getting so I have a ton of stuff I am just waiting for the price to come down on.

The Pure Balance, one of my more expensive luon jackets, was priced at $128 when it first came out.


A number of cute things were uploaded tonight but since I'm overspent I just limited myself to the Mellow Lemon Ocean Stripe CRB. I went to the store today and also bought a Get Up and Glow Jacket (the black one) and pair of Run For Your Life Crops (Pink Shell stripe) off the markdown rack. I exchanged my Bleached Coral/Black/Dune Layer Me LS for the White/ Dune one shown below.

White/Dune Layer Me LS
There is a cute new Scuba in Bleached Coral, Black, and Dune. I need to lay off lusting for Scuba hoodies.

New color called Fresh Teal. I am not a fan of pale greens on me so this will be an easy pass.

I'm curious as to why the new $98 (!) Run: Proceed With Speed crops have only one small front pocket. One reason I love lululemon run crops is because they have lots of pockets, and in particular the back zipper pocket, where I keep my phone. I like how one of the touted features is bonded seams to reduce chafing. I've run half marathons in some very hot and humid conditions and never had a problem with lululemon's luxtreme bottoms chafing me. Is this a big issue with people? I know problems tend to crop up at longer distances, though. The naked seam items always seem very stiff wherever the seam is. I wish lululemon would give it up already. Is there anyone who prefers the clothes with naked seam? I avoid it.

What did you all get tonight?

New 12 Ounce Amphipod Handheld

(Please excuse my ratty nails in these photos. ;-)  )
New 12 ounce Amphipod handhelds are in the stores. They had a Frond/Faded Zap and plain black. The price was $3228. I have the non-lululemon version of this handheld (the Amphipod price is $21.95 ($19.95 on It's my go-to training run hydration bottle - light and comfortable to carry. I'll be honest, the Frond sleeve felt a lot thinner than the neoprene Amphipod sleeve on the one I have at home.

non-lululemon Amphipod 12 ounce

My Cool Racerbacks

I like when people make rainbow stacks of their Cool Racerback collections. My collection is relatively modest compared to some I've seen. They are nearly evenly split between solid and patterned colors. I have 33 altogether, though a couple may be slated for sale in the near future.   

Left side, bottom to top: Black Zipper, Black Circle Mesh, Black Macro/Micro Stripe, Black Camo, Coal Ground Nesting Bird, Heathered Pigeon luxtreme, Fossil Beachy Floral, Ivory (probably my oldest CRB), White Circle Mesh, Bold Wish Blue Circle Mesh, Limitless Blue, Beaming Blue, Heathered Angel Blue, Bruised Berry Faded Dot, Tender Violet, Heathered Power Purple, Lilac High Noon Dot. 

Right Side, top to bottom: Blush Quartz High Noon Dot, Bleached Coral, Pink Shell, Pink Shell Sea Stripe, Flash/Dune Wee Stripe, April Wee Are From Space, Heathered Smokey Rose, Pow Pink, Raspberry Glow Light, Bordeaux Drama Tonka Stripe, Currant, Love Red Slope Stripe, Light Flare, Flare Tonka Stripe, Creamsicle Pop, Heathered Split Pea, Heathered Tree Frog.