Saturday, February 9, 2013

Frond Energy Bra

I got my Frond Energy bra yesterday. I thought it fit the same as my other Energy bras and the support seemed the same, too, so not sure why lululemon changed the description to read low support. The bra came with the cups in it which I thought was a change. I don't remember it coming with cups before but I could be wrong. The photo shows it with a Limitless Blue CRB on the left and Beaming Blue on the right. I like how the blue and green looks together but then I realized it reminds me of Buzz Lightyear. It also looks really nice with Split Pea. I'll be playing with other color combos.

More of the Latest

Mellow Lemon Pace Bra. I like the front a lot when I tried this on. I should try another color on and see if the back fits me any better.

I was kind of blanking on what you would wear with Frond Wunder Unders but I think this combo. The classic black and white striped cool racerback and Bleached Coral Energy bra.

The Bleached Coral/Pop Orange Reversible Bangbuster. Mine came yesterday. I've got to say I am a fan of the reversible factor even though the lulu jacked up the price for it.

Warm Up Crew in white.

Double the fun run toques.

The Black with Pop Orange Pace tight.

Bonded Special Edition Cool Racerback tanks.

 Frond Free to Be bra underneath the Frond Gingham Cool Racerback. I agree with the others that said this CRB fits tight in the chest. It's very thick and I didn't care for the texture that much.

Rise and Shine Jacket and Pace Tight.