Friday, February 1, 2013

More of the Latest

Bleached Coral Power Y and Ebb and Flow crop. Shown with the Vino to Vinyasa bag.

 Bleached Coral Swiftly tank with the Spring Has Sprung Multi Reflect crop.

 Bleached Coarl Reverse Groove Shorts and Dune Gingham Forme Jacket.

 Bleached Coral and Dune denim waistband on Wunder Under Pants.

 Devotion SS paired with Inkwell Stills.

New  liner-less Discipline shorts.

Some full-front photos of the new bonded, shorter Special Edition Cool Racerback. I am not liking it. It looks like big-box sports store wear.

More color comparisons, from top to bottom: Dazzling, Creamsicle Pop, Blush Quartz, Pink Shell, Bleached Coral, and Light Flash. (Thanks to Ms. M. for the photo.)