Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Color Comparison: Bleached Coral vs. Pink Shell

On the top is Pink Shell and the bottom is Bleached Coral. Thanks to Ms. S. for the photo.

More of the Latest

Inkwell Gingham Forme Jacket, Bleached Coral Cool Racerback, Wunder Unders
New Reverse Groove Shorts, Bleached Coral Cool Racerback
People who have seen the new Wunder Under and Grooves have said the greenish ring in the waistband is not Mint Moment and more yellowy, like Faded Zap. Ms. M. points out to me there is a new light green previewed in the Australian black Run: Pace Tank photo.

New light green shorts coming - no color name yet
One of the banners on the Australian site also shows us a new pair of colored blocked shorts in the new pinks/oranges palette.

I am liking the look of the Inkwell Gingham Forme jacket on these ladies. I still refuse to buy one on principal but these women look good in it.

Gingham Inkwell looks rather nice with Frond and Bleached Coral. The Mellow Lemon Gros Gingham Speed shorts are shown with a solid Inkwell Cool Racerback.

 Frond Free to Be bra, Wunder Under pant, Bleached Coral Speed Shorts.

Inside of the Vino to Vinyasa bag

Still Pant Photos and More

These ladies are all making me want a pair of the Dune Still Pants. I am a big fan of Stills and have seven pairs myself.

More of the Inkwell and Black Still pants.

Dune/Black Forme Jacket
Bleached Coral and Inkwell Studio Pant

 Pop Orange Forme Jacket and Bleached Coral Gros Gingham Groovy Run Short.

 Pop Orange Forme Jacket, Burned Yellow Cool Racerback, Black Studio Crop

Though a lot of the photos are labeling the Pop Orange Forme jacket as Bleached Coral you can see it's a different color than the Bleached Coral CRB underneath.

Heads Up From Austrlia - Run: Pace Line and More

I am digging this outfit - Dune/White Gingham Forme Jacket, Dune Still Pant, and Bleached Coral Cool Racerback.

Still pant details.

From Australia - new Run: Pace Tank, bra, and crops. Ugh, lulu is so schizo about lengths in run tops. This one look to be on the too short side. The tank is made of luxtreme and has a built in shelf bra. This color is Bleached Coral and Pop Orange. I do like the touch of Ocean Stripe on the straps in the back. I'd be interested in a CRB in the pattern.

New luxtreme Pace Bra.

New Run: Pace crops. These look interesting. They also come in solid black.