Thursday, January 24, 2013

Swiftly Tanks Getting Shorter? Why?!? (Updated)

Ugh, I really hate to say this but it looks like the newest Swiftly tanks are being made a few inches shorter than previous versions. On the left is Burning Yellow and the right is a new Frond tank. Both photos use the same model. I think lots of runners already have an issue with this top riding up so I cannot fathom why this top was made shorter. What a mistake. This is a lot of runner's favorite summer top but I know I've read several comments that people will not be buying this new short version. Please change it back!

Update: So, lululemon responded to a question on their Facebook page about a change in the length of their Swiftly tanks:

 I took a look at the colour you mentioned above, and I believe what you are noticing is actually related to the method used to produce all of our seamless Swiftly garments, not just the Swiftly Racerback. To create these items and have them be seamless, we produce them on a tubular knitting machine. Because of this method, it can result in certain groups of these styles having a different length - on the longer or shorter side by comparison. I haven't heard any feedback from our designers saying they are thinking of changing the length, though I will still definitely pass on everyone's comments about how they love the longer length of this style.
- I hope it's true that Swiftly SL lengths have not been deliberately changed but bummed that the green is shorter because of a manufacturing tolerance issue. I hate to size up in it because then the neckline and armholes don't fit right. I guess I'll have to wait until the tank gets here and am able to try it on.

Latest update by Lululemon on their Facebook page - they are shorter - BOO!!!!!!!

Hey everyone,
I wanted to do some further digging into these colours as they aren't something we have seen in North America yet. What I found out is that for spring our designers are trying out a redesigned shorter version of the top for this season. Like I mentioned above, I appreciate that you all love this style in a longer length and will be sharing this with our designers.

A reader commented she checked her new Bleached Coral Swiftly against her Pink Shell and the length difference in a  size 4 was 1.5".

More Australian Goodies - Cannot Wait!

Inkwell Pace Setter with Bleach Coral Swiftly Tank. Bleach Coral Pace Setter shown with white Swiftly SL.

Shown with a Pigment Swiftly (I think)

Shown with a Bleach Coral Swiftly.
Very cute new Bleached Coral Gros Gingham Pace Setter skirt. Shown with a variety of tops. I really like the Bleach Coral Swiftly tank in the photos but it looks so short.

Frond SS Swiftly and Mellow Lemon Swiftly tank

A Frond SS Swiftly is coming. I think I must have this.

 The Frond Gingham Cool Racerback.

 Bleached Coral Swiftly tank and Frond Gros Gingham speed shorts.

Bleached Coral Swiftly tank and Mellow Lemon Gros Gingham speed shorts.

 Frond Beach Runner Crops.

Solid Bleached Coral Speed Shorts are coming.