Friday, December 27, 2013

Upcoming Items and More of the Latest

 Fresh Teal 105F Singlet, Free to Be Bra, and Bhakti Yoga Short.

105F Singlets

Bhakti Yoga Crop.

Petal Pop Fly Away Tamer and Bangbusters

Flip Your Dog LS (I think) and Bandit Track Pant

More Bhakti Yoga jacket photos.

 Straightup Stripe Cool Racerback

Fresh Teal Swiftly LS, Petal Pop Cool Racerback, and Centered Energy bras

Bhakti Yoga Jacket, Petal Pop CRB, and Bhakti Yoga Jacket

New Apex Stripe Baroque Blue Cool Racerback.

 Petal Pop Speed Shorts are coming.

New Yin Year Hoodie, Baroque Blue Nice Asana Jacket, and Fresh Teal Every Yogi Tee. The hoodie definitely intrigues me if it's a lighter weight fresh terry plus I a psyched for the Every Yogi tee to come back.

Hong Kong got a Baroque Blue Forme Jacket.


Anonymous said...

@LLA have you seen the new fresh teal crb yet in person? I was wondering if it's old or new stock. I picked it up yesterday in a hurry and didn't try it on til I got home. Seems a little thinner than some of my recent ones, so just wondering. The tag says 92% Lycra, 8% spandex made in Sri Lanka. Doesn't seem sheer as I can't see bras underneath, but seems a tad thin as showing the bra outline, if that makes sense? The inner seaming thread matches the tank. Love the color though. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Fit Report for the *Centred Energy Bra*

My stats: 90lbs ➞ 5"5 ➞ LLL Sports Bra Size 4-10 ➞ Regular Bra Size 30DD-E ➞ LLL Tops/Bottoms Size 2

➡ The CEB feels like a hybrid between LLL's "Free To Be Bra", and "Energy Bra".
➞ It has a wide/thick band under the bust, and provides impressive support for a large cup size.
➞ It provides a level of coverage that leaves you feeling very secure, without covering your entire chest.
➞ The level of compression it provides is good, but the fit IS snug so you may need to size up. The Luon + Silverescent fabric feels comparatively 'stiff' (tightly woven), to that of the FTBB and EB. I think this may explain the features of improved compression, security and coverage. I also think it contributes to the bra's fit issues...
➞ Contrary to popular opinion, it has been my experience that the CEB is incredibly comfortable, and highly flattering - but it has to fit! I can say that I have not experienced any gathering of back-fat while wearing this bra.

Overall, the fit of this bra was perfect for my body because of its' compressive properties. I purchased a CEB in Baroque blue

Anonymous said...

Anyone try the Bhakti shorts yet? I ordered them but they won't be here until Thursday. I'm between sizes on Speed shorts (and ed up wearing them a little too big) so I was hoping this style would fit a little better. I'm looking to use them for the gym, not running.

Curious how the new light pink compares to Pink Shell. This one looks slightly cooler-toned?

Anonymous said...

TOTALLY off topic but I went on line to look @ the Scuba in the new print and its listed @ $58. As a matter of fact all Scubas are $58. I ordered one and got an email for $58. Anyone else notice this? 10:15 pacific time

Anonymous said...

Scuba hoodies are$58 including the latest print !! Shop shop shop :)

Anonymous said...

$58 scubas

Anonymous said...

Just ordered a black scuba from the website for $58. It was under BAM link. Is that a new deal of the day?

Anonymous said...

Scubas are $58 right now! And all special Edition ones are marked down as well!

JenO said...

Scubas on sale for $58!

Anonimouse said...

Thanks for the heads up ladies, I needed another Scuba but was going to put it off until I could get to a store and use my R and D discount, but this makes it way cheaper, no gas! I got one in Silver Spoon and a Bang Buster snuck it's way in too (don't know how that happened)

Anonymous said...

What's the fit like on the 105 F Singlet? I love it! But I'm a bit bustier (34DD as I'm BFing). I just wasn't sure if this would be flattering or not.

Anonymous said...

Anon@10:16 - Size down for the 105. It will still be loose and flowy in the size down, just not huge. It is low-cut, so if you're busty you probably want a good coverage bra underneath. I think it looks cute that way anyway, with the color of the bra showing.