Thursday, December 5, 2013

Run Reflect Jacket, New Paris Items, and More

Some photos have popped up of a Run: Reflect jacket but I can't if this is new or the same one they put out last year. I'm leaning towards last year's model since I can't see any major differences in design. I do know I tried it on last year and it felt super heavy and oddly rubber, like a sauna suit.

The new Black and White Striped Swiftlys in the tank, SS, and LS.

Paris Bangbuster, CRB, and new Speed Tights

The Paris/Black reversible Wunder Under Pants

New waistband on the Gather and Crow crops.


Anonymous said...

I think that the run reflect jacket is probably from last year only because the PN I received has it in it with a model that they no longer seem to be using. It is the girl with the long brown hair and the dark olive skin - who made everything look awesome!

What a horrible WMTM upload! Although I am tempted by the urbanite pants. Tried them on in store a while back and they fit very nice and I could wear the on Fridays to work.

Anonymous said...

I like the striped Swiftlies.

Run Reflect Jacket. I wouldn't be surprised if they brought it back. It sold out quickly and it cost a lot. I don't want it (didn't like it).

Anonymous said...

Run Reflect is in stores for $248. I am usually a 4, in this I may need to size up because it seems snug around bust. LLA is correct, it feels very rubber like but I run at night or dusk sometimes so it's such a good purchase!

Anonymous said...

the run reflect jacket is the same exact one from last year. I saw it at the Union Square NYC store last night. Maybe they had an old stash hiding in a warehouse. It is overpriced. NIKE has one that is similar but it isn't as heavy or rubbery.


Anonymous said...

The new Run Reflect jacket was at my store yesterday. It's kind of ugly (reminds me of something out of a bad sci-fi movie), was like $200, and yes, felt weird and rubbery. I have a really old In Sport Illuminite jacket, hat and shorts and a shirt from like 12 years ago. (The shirt lost some if it's reflectivity, but everything else is still really good). The shorts were a little stiff, but they all were pretty breathable and felt like regular fabric, not rubbery. The Run Reflect is heavier and doesn't feel breathable. Plus it looks weird.

For people that run in the dark, the best thing to wear is the Zinglet with the flashing LED lights on the front and back. You can wear it comfortably over anything, including just a sports bra during summer (great for overnight relays like Hood to Coast and Ragnar). It is the most visible thing ever, and much better than a reflective vest. While not cheap, it is much less expensive than the Run Reflect jacket, and more visible because of the lights!

Anonymous said...

The reflective jacket is expensive! $248! It wasn't very flattering, it should be a touch longer and less Star Trek looking. I like the idea of it since running at night terrifies me.... I nearly get hit by cars in daylight! But it definitely wasn't worth the price and it fit ugly. There was also already marks on it in store, not sure what it would end up looking like after a couple of wears.