Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Frosty Run Gloves and More

The new Speed Shorts colors in Paris Perfection, Brisk Bloom, and Chevron Dot.

New Frosty Run gloves and mittens. I swear that lace pattern looks a lot like the lace from last year.

The White Herringbone Forme Jacket

More Runaway Hoodie photos.


purrfiktangil said...

ooohhh i love those gloves...i must have them...the lace also looks the same to me as last year's, but I am totally okay with that since I have a few pairs of the bold in the cold pants, the draft dodger, and the speedy t-neck :)

Anonymous said...

I am so tempted by that white herringbone form, especially since I love my pique form. But those black zippers throw me off. The plastic zippers look cheap to me... It's not so bad on the darker pique because they blend in, but on that white herringbone they really stand out.

Mandy said...

It may actually BE the same as last year's. I saw a Laceofage Scuba this weekend at the Vaughan store in Ontario and thought to myself "I can't believe they still have that one kicking around." Maybe it's making a comeback?

J in TO said...

I saw a couple of random laceoflage scubas at Vaughan last thurs too! They were def old ones...complete with the blue trim inside. I thought it was cheeky they had them out for full price, and not in the markdown section.

Anonymous said...

That lace is the same as the lace used in the Run: Draft Dodger jacket from last year. I just looked :)

Anonymous said...

Lululemon gloves are poorly made and fall apart within a few uses. I must admit that the ones above are super cute, but are such a waste of money.
I stick with my NIKE gloves.