Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Apex Stripe Cool Racerback and More

Baroque Blue Apex Stripe Cool racerback, shown with Skinny Groove Pants and Bhakti Shorts.

The Brisk Bloom In A Flash skirt, shown with a LS Swiftly.

Straight Up Stripe Cool Racerback with Ruffled Speed Shorts.

Black Om Tee shirt with Bhakti Yoga Shorts.

Fresh Teal 105F Singlet and Centered Energy bra with the Bhakti Yoga Crops.

Fresh Teal Cool Racerback and Free to Be Bra.

Paris Perfection Reversible Wunder Unders with Push UR Limits Tank, Scoop Neck Tank and Cool Racerback.

Happy Yin Year Hoodie and Pant.


Anonymous said...

The Happy Yin Year hoodie and sweats are at Vaughn Mills, and they are bad...

I really wanted to love the hoodie, but the fit was just ridiculous. There was SO much fabric in the back that I looked like a hunchback, the material was really soft but uncomfortable at the same time, the fit is larger around the mid section as a result of the pleating in the back, and it was also *new* scuba length. So as someone already suspected, it does make you look heavier. The jacket was just.. So weird you have to try it on to understand. It had a lot of GREAT features and pretty details, so it was really a shame it fell short on fit. I tried a size 4 - my usual size.

The pants were awkward, they remind me of something I see mall walkers wearing. FYI to those who have never worked in retail, mall walkers are a very cute group of elderly (usually ranging 60+) women and men, who come to the mall at 6-7am for a walk + a treat (Tim Hortons :D). Their outfits are divine.

Anonymous said...

Yawn. Such a repeat of last years palette its not even funny. Fresh teal for fresh teal/mint moment, Lavendar dusk for polar haze, petal pop for Spring has sprung. I mean really. If the flare/inkwell color blocking comes back ill start a riot.

I'm at least interested in the apex pink crb on the AUS side, hope we get it in NA. I was excited for the guava lava speeds the AUS got but they never made it to the CAD side of the site :(

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 9:50 am - Lol - "their outfits are divine." I agree, the Happy Yin Year pants don't seem to be flattering on anyone and seem to flatten and widen your rear.

Anonymous said...

just what us ladies need to flatten and widen our rears. LOL. I wonder why lulu is doing a repeat of all the colors, I really want another 105F singlet but not in the colors that are out at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Mall walkers can be aggressive if you get in their space(which is really everyones space)…Lol

I think the Scuba flash sale happened to rid of inventory be fore they introduced even a worse disaster of a hoodie in the Yin Year

Anonymous said...

Great, looks like the Happy Yin Year pants are out for me. My butt is already flat and wide enough as it is.

The Asian girl modeling the clothes is absolutely adorable! She makes everything look so cute.

And yes, never get in the path of those cute mall walkers! They are on a mission, take their walking very seriously, and are ruthless, lol!

Thank you, LLA for all the time and effort you invest into this blog. I check it multiple times every day, and I appreciate you! Happy New Year to you and your family! :)ok

Anonymous said...

Yes the Happy yin Pants and hoodie are bad, the teal green is really washed out.

Btw I see alot of mall walkers wearing Lululemon, on my way to work.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9:50

OT but I feel like we would be fabulous friends in real life. I just loved your entire comment! Please write more here if you don't already.

Anonymous said...

New backpack, or new colour? What is this LLA?:)