Wednesday, December 18, 2013

More of the Latest

Aria Tank in Paris Perfection and Parallel Stripe Wunder Under crop.

Shown on top are the Chevron Dot and Brisk Bloom Flow Y bras. Chevron Dot Flow Y bra, Brisk Bloom Energy bra, and new vinyasa in black/wee striped white heathered gray. I've heard this new vinyasa is thick and soft.

The LS black striped Swiftly is finally hitting the stores - reports are right, it's super soft one. Shown with the chevron dot Pace Setter skirt.

Chevron Dot Pace Setter Skirt.

Brisk Bloom Free to Be Bra and Coastal Tank.

Macro Micro Wunder Under Pant. Also shown are the Parallel Stripe WUC and Wee Stripe Hi Lo Wunder Under Pant.

Forme Jackets, Nice Asana, and Scuba in the Brisk Bloom print.

 White herringbone Nice Asana Jacket.

The Parallel Stripe Wunder Under Pant.


Anonymous said...

Have any of you washed any Paris Perfection items? Did they bleed? Thanks for any info in advance :)

Anonymous said...

On the PS WUC - Tried these on (and bought them) in the store yesterday. They're much cuter on than I expected, the lines on the behind do give a noticeably more rounded appearance (helpful for us smaller behinded ladies!), and they are super soft and cozy. That being said, these do absolutely run large, like other reviewers have said. Also, they offer very little compression because they're the older, thin luon ala earlier this year. I'm 5'8", 120 pounds, and usually wear Lulu 4's. I fit into the size 2 very comfortably in these. I ended up getting the 4's bc there was some shine in the 2's when I bent my knee, but honestly either would've been fine. On the sheerness factor - they're not 100% opaque (I don't suggest wearing a wild patterned underwear with them), but with black and nude thongs they're good.

Anonymous said...

I received and finally wore the Runday Crop in black and white stripe -- someone had asked about whether it would be good for pregnancy. I sized up one size and it's perfect at 6 months pregnant. Which is a little sad since I am guessing it will be too big post-pregnancy (well, hopefully I will be smaller). But to answer her question way back it's perfect.

Anonymous said...

@11:59 Pairs perfection isn't supposed to bleed and if it does they will take back no questions. At least that's what the Ed said at the store.

Miffy316 said...

I just received my PS WUC. This is my very first WU and I was kind of nervous if I would like it or not especially seeing lots of PS pictures. I was certain I would return it. Well, I tried on and absolutely love it!! It is one of the most comfortable crop I ever tried on, very soft and comfy!! My butt area looks kind of strange but everything else looks cute! I'm size 6 lulu pants except studio pants and I got size 6 on this. I am very comfortable with my regular size :)

Anonymous said...

Just received my PS WUC and WUP. Love them both. I got my usual 6 (I'm 125; 5'6"). Nice quality yarn-dyed fabric. Not sheer.

The fabric is a great weight that can work year round for me (SF,CA). I got the pant for cooler weather and the crop for warmer weather.

Also got the WUP in the cocopique...nice and soft. Fits ever so slightly tighter than the PS WUC/P.

stylista diva said...

The stripe swiftly IS super soft. Usually I find the swiftly to be on the "scratchier" side, but the stripe ones are noticeably softer.