Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Brisk Bloom Calm and Cozy Jacket and More

Pretty Brisk Bloom Calm and Cozy jacket. This is in some US stores but wasn't at two of mine yet this morning.

New Open Your Heart LS and Brisk Bloom Forme Jacket.

Brisk Bloom Scuba jacket. It looks like it's trimmed in Paris Perfection.

Black Parallel Stripe and Brisk Bloom Aria tanks. I bought the Brisk Bloom Aria today. I also tried on the Push UR Limits in the print but love the lines of the Aria better. For those of you who found the Aria a bit too clingy in the midsection the pattern adds some nice camouflage for not-so-flat tummies.

Parallel stripe Runday crop.

Fleet Street Pullover and Soot Brisk Bloom Wunder Under Pants.

More Moto Jacket photos.

 Chevron Dot Speed Shorts.

 Angel Blue Swiftly

 Fluff Off Crew Photos

I tried on the Runaway Hoodie today and really liked it. I though it was thick and soft and very warm. The bottom band does not stretch much so if you are pear shaped you should buy the size that fits your hips. I liked it and would have gotten one if it came in more fun colors. The design itself is pretty plain so I think you need a color to jazz it up a bit. It's made of a thick fleece.


Anonymous said...

is that herringbone define new or old??

Anonymous said...

Is that herringbone define in stores? has it been online yet?

Anonymous said...

That hoodie does look nice and I never am interested in lulu hoodies or jackets.
I still would like to know if the paris perfection color bleeds. as soon as I get my pace setter, I will test it. crossing all finger and hoping that it does not bleed.