Thursday, December 5, 2013

Accessories - Vinyasa, Bags, Mittens, and More

Bleached Coral Swiftly LS

 Pique Vinyasa Scart, shown with Gratitude Wraps.

I really love the new Keep It Cozy hat, mittens, and neck warmer in the black, white, and pink scheme.

Enlighten and Expand Tote

The Gold and Silver Sweat Once A Day Bags

Cute Run For Fun Socks.


Anonymous said...

any reviews of the enlighten and expand tote? does the yoga mat fit ok in the vertical position?

i like the sweat once a day a lot but i need something that can hold my yoga mat comfortably - it looks like it would be hard to carry the sweat once a day on your shoulder with a mat attached, and i don't like bags that can't at least go on your shoulder (and prefer if they can cross over). TIA!

Lauren Kepes said...

was the gold bag uploaded? or did it sell out.

Amy Meier said...

Christmas is coming, the latest bag here, good price quality, introduced to everyone