Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Review

Front page of the March 19, 2013 Wall Street Journal
I'm sure lululemon cannot wait for 2013 to be over, from a bad-press standpoint anyway.  Though I think 2012 had substantially worse quality issues and crappier designs than this year (review just how awful 2012 was here and here), 2013 was the year lululemon's decisions to skimp on quality and staff to boost margins caught up with them and came to the attention of the world in the infamous Pantsgate recall.  The widespread, unrelenting media coverage put a bullseye on every lululemon fan's backside and had us all scrambling to wear pants with the waistband logo for several weeks. In November the company's blame-the-customer attitude was exposed when founder Chip Wilson put his foot in his mouth by blaming pilling on women whose thighs touch (never mind that armpits of jackets is another prime pilling location) rather than the fabric. Low points aside, I think the company has made significant steps forward over the second half of this year in terms of improving fabric quality (rampant camel toe in photos has become a dim bad memory), designs (e.g., going back to full luon Power Ys and Scoop Neck tanks, bringing back favorites like the Push UR Limits), and customer satisfaction (e.g., the Bahhumbug campaign). Ending the year on an up note, though Wall Street doesn't agree, Day and Wilson are soon to be gone and the new CEO has said that quality will be among his priorities. I am cautiously optimistic about 2014.

Now, onto my favorite new items from this year:

#1 - Luxtreme Wunder Unders (now called Wunder Under *Interlock)

Love, love, love. I don't know what took lululemon so long to come out with these. They are opaque, breathable, compressive, don't pill, and don't hang onto pet hair or lint. These have become my go-to gym bottoms. The only thing better than lux WUCs would be to make them with the higher Groove pant waistband to combat their tendency to slide down.

#2 - Open Your Heart LS Top

Though there is a sizing issue with these (I went down two sizes from my normal built in bra tank size) I really like the thicker fabric, figure flattering style, and reversibility. I've been waiting forever for luluelmon to come out with a thicker, henley style top for fall/winter and the OYLS was it. I have two of these.

#3 - Pump It Up Jacket

Though it technically came out in 2012, it was at the very end of December so I'm going to count it for 2013. It doesn't look like much in the photos but this loose fitting brushed luxtreme jacket was one of my go-to jackets for the year.

#4 - Mod Waves Cool Racerback

Though most of these ended up going to We Made Too Much, I just loved these mesh-backed version of the CRB. They are super cool for hot workouts and are a great run top. I think the reason a lot of them went to markdown was that most of them came in light colors and were see though. I bought the Raspberry Glo and solid black versions.

#5 Track Attack Shorts

This year was the year I got into run shorts in a big way and my two favorites were the Track Attack shorts and Groovy Run shorts. The TAs are a great design for those of us who like a little more coverage than Speed Shorts provide. They are super comfy and great for hot weather.

#6 Runday Crops

My favorite new run crop style yet. The higher, wide waistband is like a luxtreme tummy tuck and the zippered mesh vents at the bottom are surprisingly cool.

#7 Base Runner Hoodie

Comfy warm rulu technical piece that can pass for casual.

#8 Base Runner Pant

Rulu sweatpants that you can wear on their own as apres wear, a base layer, or layered over run crops as a to/from piece. They are a little dressier looking than sweatpants but just as comfy. I hope they make a comeback next year, though in solid colors and not in two-tone.

#9 Work It Out Duffel

Wonderfully roomy gym bag with a ton of pockets - super well thought out - and a bag finally came in an eye-catching print!

#10 - Practice Daily Crops in Full On Luon

Flattering seaming, compressive, and opaque with handy holster thigh pockets. These are my first pair of full on luon bottoms and I've been impressed that the thicker fabric is so breathable and wicking. I love the slimming style of these.

Honorable Mention: Post Chaturanga Pullover
There was a sizing issue with these - tight arms and super roomy body - but it's a great layering piece. I got the gray and black and am getting a lot of wear out of it. I like being able to unzip the neck when I go indoors with this.

Not new designs but deserve mention:

1 - The return of the regular luon Power Y and Scoop Neck tanks. Using Light Luon for these tanks just did not work, good riddance to their permanent (I hope) retirement.

2 - The return of Groovy Run shorts (one of my favorites) and Push UR Limits tanks.

Wishes for 2014:

1 - Bring back the longer, heavier fabric, ribbed Scuba design
Lululemon had to mark the Scuba Stretch $50 off to get them to move, that ought to tell them nobody likes the new design too much.

2 - Bring back the Don't Hurry Be Happy.
We were teased with rumors of it coming back but it never did - It better be coming next fall. It's a great looking super warm piece. Please, in addition to black, gray, and cream bring this out in a color like Plum or Deep Zinfandel. Enough with the outerwear in gray, black, and white pullovers/jackets.

3 - Bring back the Turn Around Longsleeve AS IS - don't change a thing except colors.
Pique rulu was a big seller this fall. It would have done even better if it had come out in the Turn Around LS style.

4 - Bring back the Lux or Remix Light hoodie - in COLORS

Bring out a lightweight basic hoodie. You'd sell a ton.  Lux hoodies are very sought after on the resale boards (hint, hint).

5 - Try the Runaway Fleece again - but bring it out in COLORS. 

It's a very nice layering piece but we have enough gray, black, and white outerwear. If you'd have brought this out in Angel Blue, Power Purple, Baroque Blue, etc. you'd have sold a ton. As it is, they are sitting in the stores and on the website.

What would you put on your personal list of Best of for this year?

What do you want to see again?


Anonymous said...

1. More Cabin II, lots of colours, but reversing to either white, grey, or black. Solids, stripes.

2. Yogi's. Same as ^^

3. DHBH, bright colours like Paris, Spry, and some neutrals like cream and grey.

4. Quiet Stipe print. Everything.

5. More tech tights for running. Maybe some with skinny legs,

6. Lux Hoodie, Lots of colours.

7. Some normal light weight running caps for summer

8. Make Swiftly's softer and less prone to snagging.

9. The down running mittens that never made it back this year.

10. Last but not least. the Turn Around!!!! same colours plus a whole lot more including Surge and Spry.

Anonymous said...

Yes please bring back the Remix Light Hoodie. I bought one back in 2008 and I have been waiting ever since for its return. I regret that I didn't buy more. It is my favourite hoodie in my closet. I wear it all the time and even after all of these years, it's still in great condition.

Anonymous said...

Bring back the old, better coverage style of the flow y bra! I miss my favorite bra.

Anonymous said...

I would so love it if they brought back the Rulu arm warmers with cuffins and grippy rubber on the upper arm end. Those were what first got me hooked on a Lulu, and they haven't made them in years, sigh! Mine are getting old. They are the best arm warmers and no one else (Nike, Asics, Oiselle, Brooks, etc.) ever made them with the cuffins. They negate the need for gloves. I am constantly losing a single glove when I don't wear these. These are a runner's best friend and can be worn three out if four seasons.

Anonymous said...

The winter season clothing line with rulu/pique fabric completely saved lll by the end of this year. If not for the pique, I wouldn't purchase anything from the store.

But, I have a completely different list of 2013 favs from you, haha. My only regret of not getting from your list is Base Runner Pant, I certainly wish they make a comeback next year, since I was traveling and missed its release completely.

I also wish Yeah Yoga Tank will come out with more color selection. I don't recall seeing them in my store AT ALL, and yet they were sold out online so fast.

Does anyone have a review on In A Flash Bra? It looks like the straps cut into the model's shoulder blades, but since the design is similar to All Sports Bra (my fav), I somehow wish it works the same so I can get Apex stripe baroque blue.

Anonymous said...

I want to see camo once again in women's!

Anonymous said...

1. different styles of running tights

2. side pockets on more styles of running crops

3. Run: Silver Lining Tank in more/better colors (this was my favorite running tank for the hot summer)

4. I agree about the Mod Waves CRB

5. more styles of lightweight long-sleeved running tops

6. more cute prints for the Groovy Run shorts (it seems like the Speed Shorts get all of the fun prints)

7. I love the Silverescent fabric, but I wish they could come up with a lightweight fabric that doesn't have striping (I don't care for striped tops with striped bottoms)

8. I'd love to see some fitted running shorts

9. LOVE the Run: Stuff Your Bra (in softer colors)

Unknown said...

1. Method wrap
2. Stride/defines (piqué, herringbone)
3. Vinyasa in dark herringbone
4. Another great down line (loved fluffin awesome vest and fluff off pullover/vest) AGAIN
5. Don't hurry be Happy (would love plum or inkwell!)
6. Quiet stripe WUC (duh!)
7. WUCs/skinny wills in all thr herringbone, piqué, and coco piqué AGAIN
8. Bomber/Audrey in tweed
9. Scubas (the old kind, with neato designs!)
10. Gratitude wraps (better quality than latest release!)
Overall I think the latter half of this was really impressive compared to last year... I know I spent a lot more money in store vs. on groups/eBay!

Lulu Citron said...

-work it out pant
-track attack short
-wu lux crop
-forme jacket raspberry + pique
-plum studio crop
-bandit track pant
-plum rain jacket
-track to reality pants

ari @ whatarisaid said...

So I'm still new to the Lulu lemonade and don't know a lot of things but....

-winter sprinter hoodie. Perfect for what Texas considers winter.
-all sport bra. Great support and comfortable. Wish they'd release it in more colors.
-groovy run shorts. Although shorts always bunch up on me, these don't as much.
-run for fun crops, I love the pockets on the sides so I can carry my phone, etc.

Wish list:
-a rain jacket where the hood stays on while running. I got the raindrop jacket from wmtm and it doesn't stay.
-more shorts/crops that have pockets for phones, etc.
I don't know what else to say... I don't know much about Lulu past products, as I said!

Honestly, I hope they don't release more things that I want - my wallet could use the break!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your work LLA. I like your wishlist for 2014. I would definitely buy some of those.

I love my Work It Out shorts in inkwell and would happy to have another pair of these.

Bring back the Heat It Up bra with the front closure. I know it may be doubtful as many of these went to markdown, but this is a FABULOUS bra for those of who do hot yoga. I am light support. The bra is perfect is the best! Perfect coverage, no irritation anywhere and I love the front closure. I have 6 of them and would buy more!

I would say make the perfect hot yoga short but really, Shakti (side string shorts) has me covered and I don't think I can wear anything else; they are so perfect.

I still have a CRB problem and bought several this year. Still on my wishlist are a cranberry, a solid Alberta Lake and an emerald green.

The only pant (or in the category crop, tight etc.) I bought this year were the Dog Runner pants when they want to MD in store for Boxing Day. I never thought this would be possible (to not buy a crop etc.) in a year, but I haven't found the quality there for the bottoms. I have several crops, tights and WU's, all from prior to late 2012.

I also did not buy a single jacket and I used to say for LLL jackets there was always more than one winner. Not for me. Last jacket was Run Bundle Up (2 of them), which I still adore.

yogibabe said...

Please bring back:

1. Audrey Jacket!!!
2. Embrace Crop
3. Interesting designs for crops. Example: I love the Stratus WUC!

Anonymous said...

Great list...
I love my luxtreme WIU's, and my new favorite crop is the practice daily's!
I regret not buying the Pump it Up Jacket and the Work it Out Duffel....and I would love if they brought back the Turn around LS.
Overall I think LULU is going out on a much better note. Hopefully good things to come in 2014.
Thanks for the great blog!

Anonymous said...

My fav this year was Street to Studio crop and I'd like to see the 105F crop make a return.

Anonymous said...

I mostly buy staple pieces (inspires, speed shorts, crb, swiftlys) but there were a few new items I really loved:

Nice Asana Jacket - love the long line of it
TaTa Topper - didn't look like much on the website but it's so flattering in person. I normally don't go for that style of tank, but this one fit a little slimmer and has a great drape.

Weekend Warrior Bag - water bottle pockets on the OUTSIDE

Swiftly Shortcut - Perfect length for speed shorts, no riding up and looking bunchy

I'd love to see more luxtreme tops/hoodies/jackets. Preferably brushed. And for the love of God don't colorblock everything.

Anonymous said...

LIve simply 1, this new one was horrible big in the waist not the same cut/material as the original at all!!!! the original scuba even a bit longer though but would settle for the original as is, not to get greedy, method wrap and that rulu top lla mentioned a big yes missed out on it and refuse to pay ebay prices! just would love to see new colors too or a repeat of alberta lake would be okay! O yes would love to see split set pants as well in deep zin would be so amazing!

Anonymous said...

I would love: DHBH pullover,
I bought and returned: open your heart longsleeve...so comfortable, but so unflattering the way it flares out at bottom. Truly wanted to love, but such an unflattering cut. Also returned the base runner hoodie for flaring out at the bottom (in size 6). 4 fit like a glove, but wanted more room since it was a hoodie. 6 bottom band flared out after 1 wear. Terrible!

Unknown said...

I've been waiting for this post from you LLA. Thank you for all you do. Happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

perception can differ greatly from reality. scuba sales have gone up since the shift to the new design. facts>assumptions

Anonymous said...

all I need them to do is make luon bottoms in black that aren't sheer again. seems to be an impossible dream, but it's all I want.

Jenn K said...

My favorites were:
1. Speed Tights. Have them in Lux, Cozy & Tech & all are fantastic for the varying temps of fall/winter training in the northeast.
2. Base Runner Hoodie. So soft & warm with great tech details for running but also works great for casual wear like you mentioned.
3. Brisk Neck Warmer. Not too exciting but it's an essential for me.
4. Gratitude Wrap. Loved the long length & flattering fit. This may be the most stylish Lulu product I have.
5. Fall/Winter color palette. Loved plum, deep Zinfandel, surge & raspberry so much that I bought way more than I usually did.

Thanks for all your work on this blog & happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Knock Out Short.

And agreed, PLEASE no colour blocking. And no juvenile prints or looks!

Anonymous said...

Yes! I second Anon@8:07, enough with the color blocking! Seriously!

Anonymous said...

My Personal Best for 2013 (not in any particular order)

1. In the Flow Crops
2. The recent colors and textures like plum, surge, herringbone and pique.
3. Ebb to Street Tank
4. Skinny Wills
5. Vinyasa Scarves

What Do I Want to See Again

1. The Audrey Jacket (I have the tweed one from 2011 and even though I had quality issues with it - two of the snap buttons came off shortly after I bought it and I didn't get anywhere with customer service - I think it's a beautiful jacket)
2. The Dance Pulse Wrap
3. The Remix Hoodie Light
4. The Apres Jacket
5. Still Shorts
6. The Define Jacket
7. The Carry Less Pant
8. The Origami Jacket

Happy New Year! Thanks LLA for a great blog!

Anonymous said...

I've been buying LLL for the past year, but have been able to get some older styles off the lululemon exchange FB page. I loved and would love to see more of:

*turbo run short- groovy runs are good but turbos are better for my muscular thighs.

*run shorty shorts- these are my favorite running shorts for hot weather long runs. The number of pockets in them is staggering.

*more RFYL crops. I'm a fan.

*the power up tank from early 2013 is my fav tank. It fits well and really accentuates my upper back and shoulders.

*loved the return of the free to be tank. As a small busted gal, this tank is perfect and very flattering.

* paisley print. I love paisley.

Anonymous said...

My favourites from this year are:
-pique and parallel stripe WUPs
-pique forme jacket - fits so perfectly and is so flattering. I always get so many compliments when I wear it.
-gold Sweat Once a Day Bag
-Mellow lemon - the prettiest sunshine yellow (not neon or green-tinged, but just such a nice light yellow)
-Swiftly Shortcut tank - I found that swiftlys always rode up despite their longer length, but these didn't and were perfect for summer!

This coming year, I'm hoping for less bright pinks and blues (I'm not a fan of these at all) and more cranberry, sage green, alberta lake, violet, bordeaux, etc. I would really like a nice non neon green shade. Very green was nice but it's more emerald green than a true green. I'd like more coloured herringbone and pique WUPs (black swan and alberta lake herringbone from a couple of years ago were so nice). And maybe better swimwear with more coverage so I can actually get a pair this time!

Anonymous said...

I wish lulu would bring back the warrior pant!! I was waiting for them to hit the WMTM section last year but by the time they got there my size was sold out :(
I also wish they would bring back the bordeaux drama color, plum was very close but not quite as nice!

Anonymous said...

This is great LLA!

I agree that the interlock WUC are awesome. I have decided to only buy interlock crops from lll in the future since all the crops that I've bought in the last few months have been sheer in a very deep squat and I returned six pairs.

I tried on the OYH LS when it first came out and thought it was great. Then got a gift card for xmas and tried it on again but just couldn't pull the trigger. It seemed very basic the second time but I would get one if it goes to WMTM because it would be a great layering piece and I would get a lot of casual wear use out of it on weekends. Just not for $78.

Although I do not have a pump it up jacket I coveted them earlier this year. I really didn't become a full on addict until probably March or so of this year and I think they were all gone by then. I kept seeing larger sizes on MD and hoped to find one in my size but never did. I agree the material is divine.

Track attacks are also awesome - I bought two pairs this year! Love the length as I'm not crazy about speeds.

I also loved the run day crops but again felt they were sheer in a deep squat and I wouldn't be comfortable wearing them to crossfit. I loved the way they looked standing up though and the higher rise was also great.

I do not have a base runner hoodie but would have considered one on MD. More colors would have been nice.

Practice daily - returned for sheerness in both inkwell and deep zin. :( There was also a bit too much going on I think although they looked cute on.

I really love my star runner pullover and my full tilt ls from this year. I also have the soot light wee stripe inspires and they are great. I also love the ignite crops from the summer. I wear them for bootcamp and crossfit and since they are interlock luxtreme there is no sheerness and they are very compressive and flattering. I also bought my first crbs this year and have now accumulated 6 of them. They are great. I've stopped even trying on any of the new tanks with built in bras because they are never supportive enough and wearing a sports bra under them is too constrictive.

Looking forward to 2014! Happy New Year all!!!

Thanks so much for this blog LLA - it really is great!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add my pique skinny wills - love them!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


(1) Open Your Heart tops (I got three, eek!). Soft, flattering, attractive colors, comfy, and reversible - a winner.

(2) Full Tilt long sleeve top. Incredible attention to detail, lovely design and colors.

(3) The Base Runner series in pique - warm, soft, and lovely Surge and Deep Zin colors - a winner!

(4) The Knit Happens scarf in Deep Zin/Winter Orchid. It took me forever to pull the trigger on an $88 scarf, but I pretty much haven’t taken it off all winter. Tons of compliments, and it looks as gorgeous as the day I got it, despite me doing things to it like dropping it in the slushy parking lot, slamming it in the car door, etc.

(5) All the pique Skinny Wills - I bought three in various shades, and they’re in constant rotation - opaque, flattering, no pilling - perfect. I like Skinny Wills a LOT more than WUP.


(1) Super-warm winter running tights. I have an outstanding pair from Athleta that I can wear by itself in sub-0 (F) weather. Sorry lulu, the Speed Tight Tech absolutely didn’t cut it. Maybe for 0 C, but definitely not 0 F.

(2) Pullovers/sweaters in something OTHER than shades of black, white, and gray! I sent back both the Passage Sweater and the Chaturanga Pullover because the colors were just as drab and boring in real life as they were online.

(3) Fewer pastels and florals. I like the deep jewel tones and the bold prints. Hey lulu, did you see how fast the Base Runner universal stripe pattern sold out? We’re starving for prints like these!

(4) More cute short-sleeved tops that can be worn to work, in colors other than pastels and brights.

Anonymous said...

CAMO!!!! and not pink camo, regular green and black camo in everything! would love to see the end of the long curved hem lines, they widen everyone's rear. I know some people like to cover their butts but those hem lines add 10 pounds. Would love to see a straight line that ends at the hip bone.

Favorite list:
Keep it up pant (never want to take them off)
Crew neck sweater (can't remember the name)
practice daily crops
Club shorts and shirt

Sb said...

Love your list. Mine all time favorite was Pump it Up jacket too.

Wish list for 2014-
1. old scuba. I have a few old ones and the length is so much better. The short one looks like I'm wearing my niece's jacket.

2. RULU tanks- I have a few old Power Y tanks and scoop necks in Rulu really love them.. So soft.

3. Good quality zippers. There were so many jackets and vests where I would have loved to buy but the zipper quality kept them at the store.

4. Check box in the online order for 'no thanks, I don't need a bag'. I don't need anymore bags.

LLA- Happy New Year to you and your family. Just to let you know that I open your blog BEFORE my inbox every morning. Love love love your blog and thank you for all your hard work..

Anonymous said...

Australia has uploaded a Run: Tame Me Tank in Petal Pop Multi - it's really pretty! I think it looks better as an accent instead of a full print top.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 2:58 am - How interesting! I assume you are in a position to know. Based on the big pile of Scubas in my store I would have never guessed that to be true. Is the growth visible in scuba sales visible in long time same stores, like say the Robson store? Because I'd almost assume growth is due to having a wider audience - more stores/people buying the brand.

I can see people liking the stretchier fabric better than the original stiffer fabric but I know lots of people complain about the length still, even though they are longer now than they were when the Scuba stretch originally came out. I know people liked the ribbed side panels a lot, too, because it was a little more figure hugging. However, I think the number one thing people would like to see in the Scuba is a bit more length.

Anonymous said...

my wish list:
-speed shorts in more dark solid colors or with simple designs. I pretty much only work out in speeds but almost all the releases in 2013 looked like pjs to me or had some crazy color added (looking at you iris print with split pea accents).
-bring back denim WUs or other designs that can go from workout to street. I live in my WUs for all occasions and would buy more if there were more options. And of course, not see through. I returned multiple pairs including full-on luon for being sheer.
-keep the logo placements on the less technical clothes places it can be hidden (waistband, back of neck). I often pass on pants or even tops because the logo is too obvious. We don't want to be walking lulu billboards, especially out of the gym/stupid. And when your company is constantly embarrassing us.
-the prices for some fabrics (burnout, vitasea) is ridiculous. I will never buy at $50 burnout tank top that I can get other places for under $10. If the fabric & design is worth it, that is one thing. But a thin tshirt? Your customers deserve fair price points, and you would sell a lot more.
-please put the model's measurements & size of the clothes of the website. Most of us shop online a lot & it would prevent so many returns & unhappy customers to be able to determine fit better. Also, more size consistency would help a lot too! I have anywhere from size 2-8 in my closet that all fit me. (TTS is 6)
-less is more lulu! Simple, classic designs that are high quality, pretty colors, and non-trendy is where you need to focus.
Looking forward to 2014! Thanks LLA!!

Anonymous said...

The Base Runner hoodie and Base Runner pants are fantastic. I've been wearing the hoodies (I got Black and Surge) constantly as casual wear and the pants are so chic. I loved the two-tone grey; I'd been eyeing similar pants by Vince and Etoile Isabel Marant for a while and these are far less expensive , so flattering, and can be thrown in the wash. Perfect.

I loved both the Practice Daily pants and City Pulse pants for yoga class - I go five or six times a week and they've held up well and fit beautifully, no sheerness, and the long inseam on the City Pulse pants is great for me.

Other favorites: the Avenue pullover in dark grey (super warm, covers you up, great for layering), the black/grey pique Rulu Base Runner top, the Track to Reality pants which I wear to/from yoga and for cycling around the city, the supersoft Pique Skinny Wills, and the Run - Can't Stop jacket - once I figured out how to work the zipper, it turned out to be the best run jacket I've bought because it just fits so well, slim but not tight. I love the design and the plum color works with all my black run tights and with the navy Can't Stop pants, another favorite.

Finally, I am a big fan of the Cool Racerback in Beautiful Baroque, it goes with everything; I love dark colored, subtle prints. Would love more of this kind of print or more tiny stripes; the wide stripes don't suit me. I also want a CRB in Inkwell, especially with a subtle pattern or stripe, and some other short sleeve fitted tops or tanks in similar colors. I'd like to see another bright spring green and maybe a poppy red and an indigo. I think LL has done a wonderful job with all the bright saturated colors, which I love. I've only been building up a collection of workout gear this year and have tried other brands, but find the colors, patterns, designs and quality are just not as good (exception would be some of Nike's high end run clothes, but they are pricier than LL!).

Anonymous said...

My wishes are:

For the quality of Lulu items to match the prices
For the clothing to be opaque enough not to require customer-fat-shaming or specific types of undergarments
For decent customer service that doesn't blame the customer or treat her like an idiot
For better return policies across the board (not just depending on your store)

Anonymous said...

Of course scuba stretch sales are going to be higher than scuba with stretchy side panels. First of all, lulu discontinued two very popular jacket styles all together, so the only semi-familiar jacket is the scuba stretch. Also, the color and print selections are much larger now than they ever were for the last scuba style. You can skew data any way you want .
I personally like the new scuba stretches just fine, but I really haven't bought them for their improved fit. I have bought them because of the colors being offered.

Anonymous said...

Yes, colours please. Most of the pants are black...I don't care if they have fancy waistbands, they are black...a top will cover the waistband.

Also lined studio pants...bummed that LLL messed with the length. No problem with introducing a shorter length but then to stop producing all the colours in the longer length...why? surely if there's 2 lengths make all the colours in both but if not then make them all in the longer length which can at a pinch be shortened.

Anonymous said...

I have a couple of old style Scubas from eBay and I'm likely going to resell them soon even though the colors are lovely.. I bought a new style Scuba in Petal Pop on the $50 off sale last week, and it's much better for me. I dig the print on black cotton which makes the flowers really vibrant, while it wasn't good on the white CRB - makes it look dull and cheap. The older Scuba fabric feels too stiff and bulky to me, and the hood in that heavy fabric feels awkwardly big. Plus I only like a longer length if there is a zipper at the bottom, which Scubas don't have. I take bus/subway to and from the yoga studio, and when you sit down, a longer length jacket that doesn't have a bottom zipper to unzip halfway gets all bunched up and it drives me crazy. I tried the Calm and Cozy jacket on in the store and the bulky fabric + no bottom zipper was a dealbreaker.

Going to have to try the Yin Year sweatpants at a store soon - the slightly loose fit, ankle length, slim at the bottom is a cut I really like.

Anonymous said...

My favorites this year:

In no specific order:
1. In the Flow Crops
2. Ebb to Street Tank (I'm still waiting for this in Raspberry in N.A. !!)
3. Work it out Duffel Bag in Midnight Iris
4. Keep it Cozy Crew in Black (I know this was not soo popular. I bought it on markdown and the softness of this is AMAZING... I've been wearing it like crazy during the cold days we're had.)
5. Run: Hustle Jacket in Paris (love, love, love !).
6. Speed shorts in Brisk Bloom (just goes so well with the lovely pinks).
7. Pique, Herringbone fabric
8. Raspberry, Paris Perfection, Surge, Very Green, Plum
9. Scuba Stretch in Very Green.
10.Parallel Stripe WU
11. Street to Studio Crops (just an awesome fit).
12. Special Edition Lace Scuba Hoodie

Wish List:
1. Raspberry Street to Studio Tank !!
2. Street to Studio PANTS !! For the colder months ! And please change the cheap elastic band in the crops....
3. Better quality for your buck
4. Better customer service. Don't treat your customers as idiots !

Anonymous said...

Wish list:

YES !!

Bring back the check box in the online order for 'no thanks, I don't need a bag'. As another person said... I too don't need anymore bags. They are just pilling up an I don't know what to do with them !!

Anonymous said...

2013 Favorites
-Skinny Wills (herringbone, pique)

-City Soft Shell jacket in black tweed

-Fluffin items (one with herringbone) love the vest, pullover, and jacket

-Vinyasas (especially loved the hyper stripe pattern)

MB. said...

You are a badass, I love you, LLA.

I mean, you KNOW lulu design team (and buy team) are going to see this. Great way to get your feedback out in a big way and use your name recognition.

I agree with all of these. I laughed out loud when I read "We were teased with rumors of it coming back but it never did - It better be coming next fall." So funny and so unlike you to say that but a testament to how much you love that pullover!

Merry 2014, y'all

Anonymous said...

Scuba Stretch sales have gone up vs. traditional/older Scuba. If that is true, I am going to wager that it must be new customers just into the brand. After all, LLL's goal is to get new customers. We know by the juvenile designs they've released that they've played this angle. Those customers do not know what the quality used to be therefore they do not know what they are missing. I don't know one longtime, loyal customer who likes the Scuba Stretch. I didn't even buy one when they had the BAM sale (and I had lots of choice when I was in store, had I wanted one), or when they've been on markdown. Clearly the BAM sale for the SStretch was a sure sign of a PROBLEM of too may SSTretch that no one wants at they price they offer it at. Otherwise, why do you never see them sell out at full price. Ever. We could not say this of the old Scuba. Certain colours and patterns could sell out quickly.

Anonymous said...

Make the clothes in petite, regular, and tall.

A smaller or larger size does not necessarily fit or fall correctly on different body types. Other brands do it. At least TRY it LLL. EXPERIMENT with this. If it's a bit fail, at least you can say that you tried.

I second the comment about a TRUE winter running tight, for REAL winter temperatures. Big miss by LLL year in, year out, as other brands already do it. And I don't even have to pay a cajillion dollars for other brands true winter running tights.

3crazykids said...

I agree! You would think this wouldn't be so hard right??

Anonymous said...

I will be in the minority here I'm sure but my definite favorite item for 2013 are my Om Pants. I am so sad I missed them in the Soot Grey.

Other faves include:
Ebb and Flow Racerback Tank
Track Attack Shorts
Base Runner 1/2 Zip in Herringbone

Happy 2014!

Anonymous said...

DHBH in colors. I live in my 2!
Cabin long sleeve in colors.
The open your heart ls with no stripes. Would have bought multiple if no stripes.
Please bring back the speed skirt. The pacesetter is too ruffle-y. The speed is perfect and cute!
Deep breath tank in colors
Lively crew neck...enough burnout Ts! Blah!
Old WU gusset. I just can't get used to the one they have now. The oval one was so comfy.
Original bang buster with circle mesh instead of reversible Luon.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree on the studio pant thing. No reason why same colors can't be made an both lengths. Missed out on several sales to this 5'8" tall girl. Regular length is just too short.

Anonymous said...

Wow. As I read through this, it is product feedback/development GOLD. This would have cost a small fortune had LLL paid for this market research. Wow.
I guess for me, my 2014 wish isn't so much an item, but a call for quality and detail.
I have been wearing some of my "vintage" (2007-2010) LLL over this winter holiday, and it's stunning how different the construction and detail is. The stitching is SO much tighter. It's so fine and exact and tight...not this big loopy stitch with ends sticking out that we are used to now. The ruffles with reflective detailing, the "I belong to" message silk screened in the small pockets... it was a different time. The designs seemed to be so much more classic. More functional and what would look good on an athlete's body, rather than what styles came down the runway at Fashion Week.
I would love to see the Run: A Marathon skirt and short come back for 2014. I bought them in what..probably 2011, and those two pieces are my go-tos. The shorts are Speed Short length, but they're magical. I can't even explain it...but there is no chafing, no rubbing, and you can't even feel them on. They've taken me through countless long runs.
Anyway, I guess my wish is for LLL to go back to feeling special. The mass-production is hard to avoid, I get it, but right now LLL is no better/different than the competition. Has anyone seen the new spring line from Athleta? It's stunning. LLL, the competition is coming for you, unless you can return to your 2010 and before days.

Anonymous said...

I agree w/anon@8:32: I love my Run A Marathon shorts, crops and shorts. The number of pockets are an absolute must for long runs! I would love to see those all back in new colors!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:32 am - I agree about the stitching - that was something lululemon definitely let slide over the past couple of years. I think a few of the newer items have some really good stitching - for instance the luxtreme WUs and the full on luon bottoms. I don't mind if they have some runway-ish styles as long as they keep coming out with classic styles, too. I think the Base Runner hoodie will be a new sought-after item on the re-sale boards in about a year. That and the Base Runner pants sold out pretty quickly - they are very timeless designs. I forgot to put one of my all time favorite designs on my list - the Spirit tech fleece Pullover. Just a great piece and still sought after by those who remember it.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:55 pm - Totally agree that lululemon should offer some petites in core styles like WUs, Grooves, Astros, Studio Pants/Crops. My sister is a 5'0" shortie and she only sticks to a few lululemon styles because of her height. I have a couple of friends who shop at Athleta solely because of their petite offerings. I know the media banged on lululemon hard for not offering plus sizes but imo that is not worth it and doesn't fit with their business model, however, petites is definitely something that should be explored.

Anonymous said...

I am glad the energy bra has become a staple, it is one of my favorite all around sports bra that is flattering.
I wish they would bring back the lift and separate bra but with slightly more coverage.
any of the long sleeved tops made of soft rulu.
run for your life crops
inspire crops for petite women.
More colors in the iplux material
and for running more reflective gear.
I am also eagerly waiting for the swim line to be fantastic this year.