Monday, November 4, 2013

Skinny Groove Photos

This woman has just sold me the Skinny Groove Pants. They remind me a lot of my favorite Energize pant. They are supposedly made of the new Full On Luon, too.

Some more Skinny Groove photos. These are Inkwell ones. Shown with a Surge Aria II tank.

Knit Happens leg warmers

Photos of the new reversible Raspberry/Black Wunder Under Pant.

The Heart Opener Ls and Skinny Wills

The Raspberry Aria Tank, Skinny Wills, and a Scuba.


Anonymous said...

I love all of these colors. My bank account is screwed.

Chandell Tytlandsvik said...
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Anonymous said...

I have to see the heart opener ls in person because I recently had very bad experience with sports wear made of "exotic" cotton. They lose shape quickly. I hope this isn't the case. As for the groove skinny pant, I'm tempted, but I have so many pants and the last thing I need is another pair of pants, not to mention I recently fell in love with UA cold gear compression tight, super warm and sleek and a little bit of shiny too, highlighting every hard earned muscle. Again I need to see the pants in person.

Anonymous said...

I am currently wearing a pair of skinny grooves and they are awesome! In full-on luon! Cozy, opaque, perfect rise for lounging. I plan on getting them hemmed so they look more like an Audrey Hepburn ankle pant. I'm a chef and I almost feel cute and fashionable when I pair these with clogs.

Diane said...

Hi, do you take your regular Groove Pant size in the skinny Grooves in full on luon? Just curious if they run the same. Thanks!

mvance said...

What is that blue tank called? Anyone knows... Tia