Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ruffled Up Pullover, Special Edition Items, and More

New Ruffled Up Pullover and Practice Daily Pants.

The new special edition Scuba/Vest. I like the lulu patch on the left arm. Shown with a Base Runner hoodie underneath.

Ruffled Hem Cool Racerback

Ruffled Speed Shorts

Lace Back Cool Racerback

Lace Grooves (I think)

Coco Pique is back. Shown with the black pique and herringbone Wunder Under pants.

Yogi Racerback tank.

 Calm and Cozy jackets have hit the stores.

 Surge No Limit tank and Deep Zinfandel Wunder Under pant.

Enlighten and Expand Totes

New camo Pace Breaker and Core shorts for the men.

RE: Special Uploads - Last year, there was a normal We Made Too Much upload on Wednesday night and a few new items showed up later than night. Then there was an upload late Sunday night for Cyber Monday.


addicted to luluaddict said...

Luluaddict - I see the beyond awesome yogasmoga offer on your twitter!! How the heck do you pull this off?

Wow insane offer - checked out the site - the ballerina leggings and twistie tank look so awesome - thought I would ask you what you think about the product before I bought!!

thanks for looking out for us!

Anonymous said...

Like most of the new stuff here except that awful pullover with the ruffles at the back.

Also - Thank you so much for the YS heads up! I ordered a second pair of run jump n play crops in the darker grey and a yantra tank in black for a grand total of $68! Awesome deal. What a coincidence since I also just wore today for the first time the YS run jump n play crops I bought on the Gilt sale. Loved them! Nice, thick and opaque. While not as soft as WUC, they were not as rough as I thought they might be from some of the comments I've read here. Super excited to get this order. I really think I'm done with Lulu bottoms other than the Interlock ones since it seems most of the ones I try on are sheer.

Happy Thanksgiving LLA!

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me if the Calm and Cozy jackets are the same material as the Keep it Cozy jacket that is on WMTM right now?

Taryn13 said...

That ruffled pullover is TERRIBLE! I'm a size 8/10 Lulu bottoms with an athletic/curvy body and I can only imagine how huge my butt would look with that on! haha I have a LOT of Lulu but I picked up my very first pair of WU textured crops yesterday in black pique! LOVE them and can't believe I waited so long! They also look great with the deep zinfandel pure balance sweater, my other new purchase that I love. Definitely going to get another textured pair before the year is out. I checked out the new enlighten tote in black as well - it's really nice but I didn't like the fact that you couldn't remove the shoulder strap if you didn't need it so I left it at the store. I tried on a lot of next stuff but absolutely nothing screamed "buy me!" ... which is probably a good thing ... The only blessing at Christmas time is the extended return policy!! :)

Anonymous said...

Miss my herringbone Scuba/vest from last Christmas but the Ghost color worried me especially at the cuffs. This new Scuba/Vest is not on the same level and the two large LuLu logos are overkill.

Anonymous said...

Why does the grey Calm and Cozy (Cuddle Up II) have a white/light zipper????

Anonymous said...

Is Coco Pique a shaw of brown in the wunderunders?
Thx; :)

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall last years CoCo Pique Disaster--Sheer, sheer, and recalled or pulled off the shelves but popping up on ebay

Anonymous said...

Ruffle Pullover try-on report

I had hoped a real-life experience with this pullover would improve on the early pictures. I thought the style was a little "out-there" but LLL does come up with some interesting designs and I try to keep an open mind. Went to the Vancouver, Oakridge Mall store and found they had many of the SE items on the floor, including this pullover.

I found the pullover fit very tight in the upper arms and small through the shoulders, so much so I couldn't get it to sit properly on my shoulders. As a result, I got raised, pointy shoulders. Very odd looking and not wearable. The pullover was loose at the waist and hips. And to top off the whole disappointing experience, I turned to look at the back view and found that the ruffles in the rear stuck out in an unflattering way.

I tried on my tts and did not bother sizing up as it would have been too boxy. The fit was already heading toward the boxy look at tts.

You will have to be very narrow in the shoulders and thin arms to wear this pullover in your tts.

There was a SE Scuba with a zip-off hood (found at Robson St. store) and fold down collar. There was also a flap that covered the zipper. Sorry no try-on report since the hoodie did not have the side stretchy panels. It was these panels on the Scubas that gave them the great fit and I refuse to buy another until that feature is brought back.

Anonymous said...

Does a anyone know how much the ruffled up pullover retails for? Also does anyone known when the ruffled up scuba will hit stores?

Anonymous said...

I sold my coco pique WUC on ebay. I didn't like them at all on me. I bought the black pique last week & like them sooo much better. Maybe this year's coco pique is better but I'd try them on first.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the heads up on tonight's Special Edition upload! You were the only blogger with accurate info :)

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 11: 11pm - thank you! I really do try to be accurate and not mislead you guys. I hate to get anyone's hopes up and then have them dissapointed. :)