Wednesday, November 13, 2013

More of the Latest

Raspberry Gros Gingham Speed Shorts. I hope these are coming in a Groovy Run, too.

 Raspberry Push UR Limits. These are hitting US stores now.

 Base Runner pant and LS, Fluff Off Jacket.

 Deep Zinfandel Inspires and Base Runner LS.


Anonymous said...

Isn't the Winter Orchid the same as the Grapeseed from 2010-2011? They look identical to my eyes. I already have the LS Swiftly and Arise bra and a number of tanks in GS so will pass on WO, with the exception of the Pique Base Layer LS which I already ordered on upload day.
Also, I am glad I decided to pull the trigger on the DZ Brushed Speed tights a few hours ago. My size sold out right I placed my order!

Anonymous said...

I was about to order the speed tight brushed interlock which is the same as the cozy in the DZ and the size 6 is gone, totally bummed as I ran in the inkwell and green stripe ones last night in pretty cold NYC weather and they were great, and they did not have them at my local store. I am not a power Y girl but, the purple striped one is calling my name. The luon feels great and the color is just beautiful.


Anonymous said...

I went to my local store today and they had very few of the new items, I was so disappointed. I really wanted to see deep zinfandel in person, but nope, none!

They did have the cozy speed tight in black, and it felt nice and soft, definitely thicker than the normal speed tight I have, but I didn't try them on. They also had a Pique Form, which I couldn't leave without. I thought I had missed out on that one, I didn't think I would like it from the pictures online, but after seeing it in person I was in love. So soft and comfy, and the jacket was not as short on me as I had expected. I did end up sizing up to a 4 because I wanted to be able to layer it, and it fits pretty tightly as everyone said.

I also got the Base Runner LS in the pique black/charcoal color. It is SO soft and comfy. I sized up in that too, because I wanted something truly comfy and a lot of lulu tops will fit everywhere else, but are uncomfortably tight in the armpit for me. After trying it on, I was happy to find that I found a size that the curved stitching on the front looks ok on me with. In lots of pictures, including the models online, something about the top looked awkward to me and finally realized it was because this curved stitching was cutting strangely through the 'girls', like the widest part of the curved stitching would fall at the wrong point, so you have curvy shirt below real curves, or the other way around. Does anyone else know what I'm talking about? I think the shirt looks much better when the placement of the curved stitching and the curves of the chest correspond... of course, we are all so many different shapes and sizes that I recognize it is impossible to make it perfect for everyone, but it really changed the look of the top in my opinion.

I received the brushed WUP in the mail today. They are definitely thicker than the regular Luon that has been used lately, almost like they are the way Luon is supposed to be. Since your post, I've been checking everything and they are 87% Nylon, 13% Lycra and made in Cambodia.

I also got the inkwell/paisley CRB, which was made in Canada but still Luon Light. I can see what everyone is saying, it is pretty thin. I am newer to lulu, and I have to say, Luon Light aside, I can see why everyone has so many of these :)

The store had a few things marked down, like some Full Tilt LS in Cornflower. I always leave with something I was not expecting and don't get something I planned on when I visit the store...

Luli Designs said...

I think maybe the pants in the last photo are Deep Zin Speed Tights instead of Inspires as you have them listed :) I only noticed because I ordered them and can't wait to see them later today when they arrive!

Anonymous said...

OT alert: Yogasmoga sale on Gilt started 10 minutes ago! (9 PM Eastern).

Not sure if these are items from the first batch they did, or if they were tweaked after that. On the yogasmoga website now it looks like there is nothing available, so I guess all of their inventory is at Gilt now? I wrote to ask them if the clothes were from the original run or a subsequent one. Any info from you ladies would be appreciated too!

Anonymous said...

the DZ speed tights are awesome. I was able to fit in a 4. I left the tags on just in case. will try them on again this evening. I ran in my inkwell green bean ones on Tuesday and they performed well. I now have 3 pair and hope they will stay in good shape for the winter and spring season. I love running outside in cold weather.