Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Base Runner and Winter Sprinter Hoodie Photos

Probably the photo I like best of the gray Base Runner hoodie

Shown with the Take Me Om pant

Base Runner hoodie photos. I have to say I've only seen like one flattering photo of this top but I ordered it since it sounded super cozy. I seem to be into comfort clothes a lot lately, lol.

Shown with Base Runner pants here

Winter Sprinter hoodie photos.


Anonymous said...

Don't like how the Winter Sprinter Hoodie bunches in the lower back. Too sloppy for my taste.

Anonymous said...

I love bleached coral but wasn't sure about it in this hoodie but that last picture of the blonde looks gorgeous on her.

Marlies said...

I bought the Winter Sprinter Hoodie today in my regular size 6. However, it was really tough to pull over my head because of the way it's cut under the bust. I'll try a size up, although I usually don't like the way size 8 tops fit… :-(

Anonymous said...

I don't love the look of either of these hoodies. Easy pass for me, but could be super comfy!

Anonymous said...

OT - Hi does lulu have any black friday sales?

Does anyone know of some amazing black friday offers? I want to get some new stuff and was hoping that there would be some fun specials for black friday!

Don't see anything on lulu/athleta websites -- only gift guides... boorrring.

Anonymous said...

Help! I just can't make up my mind on these hoodies! In most pictures I'm not a huge fan because I find them a bit baggy in some areas (so much material on the neck for the base runner and so slouchy on the tummy and back for the winter sprinter) and just not too flattering. But, there are a couple photos I think they look really cute! I really wish my store had some to try on. What's the consensus? Are many people picking these up?

Anonymous said...

I ordered both the Base Runner hoodie and the Winter Sprinter hoodie, but they won't arrive until next week. I was able to try both of them on at my local store.

I was unimpressed with the Base Runner Hoodie (tried the grey one on) because it was boring looking on me. Not a lot of shape to the top so I think my online order will go back. I like the way the surge version looks in photos, but when I viewed it in the store, the middle curved section of the top is a slightly different color than the body and I didn't like that. It is hard to see that in photos, but obvious in person.

I thought the Winter Sprinter hoodie had much better fit and styling. I picked up the bleached coral although I don't absolutely love the color. I ordered the white one online, but I'm not sure I'll keep it because it will be hard to keep clean! Word of caution, if you buy the hoodie in the store do a very good check of the fabric. The fabric seems prone to little snags when I looked at several. There is also something about the sewing or design process on the shoulders that tended to cause the fabric on the left shoulder to already have the makings of a hole (on the top side of fabric, not the underside) which I think would only get worse with wear. I tended to notice the size 4s had more of an issue whereas the 6s were ok. I pointed it out to the Ed, but she didn't really get what I was talking about even though I showed her.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 12:00 pm- Ooh! Thanks for the info on the Base Runner hoodie about the color differences and potential snag problems. in the Winter Sprinter hoodie. When you spot issues on items in the store it's a good sign the fabric isn't very robust. Were the snags in the ribbed luxtreme part of the hoodie? I've noticed sometimes that tends to snag easily.

Anonymous said...

LLA, regarding the Winter Sprinter hoodie, I found the snags were an issue on the parts that were Tech Fleece which is most of the body and arms. I small a small snag on the front of one, the back of one, and then the left shoulder on most size 4s. I think the spongey nature of the Tech Fleece isn't very robust or something. The luxtreme portions looked fine from what I saw.

I didn't purchase any of this seasons earlier Tech Fleece pieces, so I don't know what those were like and if they are prone to snags. Maybe some other readers can comment on that? The snags on the bleached coral were pretty noticeable -- I don't know if darker colors would make it less obvious?