Monday, October 7, 2013

NEW! Keep It Cozy Fleece Top, Inkwell and Black Striped Full Tilts and More

New Keep It Cozy Crew polartec fleece top in Angel Wing and Plum. I'm reading this is super soft (dang it!). Thanks to Ms. J. for the photos.

Thanks to Ms. M. for this photo.

New Full Tilt Pullovers in Inkwell and Black Slalom Stripes.

New Falling Freely wool accessories - neck warmer and headwrap.

Also out is a Can't Stop brushed luxtreme pant.


Anonymous said...

Crap. How many Full Tilt pullovers is too many? I have 3 and I want both of these new colors. They are sooo cozy!

Julie said...

I am in big trouble tonight... I'm loving the inkwell/green bean combo. Perfect for Seahawks games!!

Anonymous said...

I was interested in the cozy crew until I saw the $108 price tag!!!

Anonymous said...

cozy crew is butt ugly and hideously expensive.