Friday, October 18, 2013

More of the Latest

 Pretty Pink and Green Bean 105F Singlets. I really like Pretty Pink with the Plum WAFs Energy bra.

The Green Bean and Pretty Pink No Limit tanks.

Raindrop Jacket.

 Cornflower Pace Crops - from Australia.

 Cornflower Scoop Neck and Inkwell Paisley Wunder Unders

Paisley Can't Stop Crops and Cornflower Star Runner PO

Green Bean In the Flow Crops and Angel Wing Cool Racerback


Sandra said...

Those WAFS inspires with the raindrop jacket look awesome! Are those the ones that got uploaded a few weeks ago? Darn, I wish I got them!

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in the pace crops - wonder if the US will see them

Anonymous said...

Not to be mean, but the backside of the pace crops do not look good on her.

And why are they making a black version with cornflower accents? I know they have a black with beach blanket blue version in the spring. They look identical.

Anonymous said...

just can't do the paisley print on tights- they just look dumb imo! I finally caved on the nice asan jacket- yes its a bit scratchy but I won't be wearing it unless I have long sleeves underneath so doesn't bother me- since its virtually all nylon it will be super warm! LOve the plum color, and I love the fit of this jacket- wish they would make this exact jacket in a nice terry or wool i'd buy a ton!!!! the cut is super true to size same as scuba hoody (the one w/ the side panels, not the ridiculous stretch version); I will not buy the stretch scuba too short imo!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think the pace crops are particularly flattering on anyone. Every pic I've seen makes the person's butt look super flat (including my own). It's not that they are horrible or anything, but there are much better choices if you want something flattering.

Anonymous said...

I agree pace crops make her but look flat. I've seen them on people though and they look good. She needs to wear a thong because the panty lines only make it worse.

Yes those are the wafs inspires. I wore mine today and love them. Super comfy.

Anonymous said...

the design for the pace crops is awful, it should be functional. who needs accents like that on their glutes? I see a lot of ladies going to the overpriced spin studio wearing those awful pants. I don't get it.