Saturday, August 10, 2013

Spotted in Stores - Midnight Iris Back to Class Backpack and Raspberry Glo Energy Tank

Midnight Iris Back to Class Backpack.

I'm not sure if these have popped up on the web yet but I saw a very pretty Midnight Iris Print Back to Class Backpack in the Vancouver Robson store. I really hope a duffel-type gym bag shows up in the print. It's been a long while since lululemon came out with a print gym bag and I've missed them.

I also saw this new Raspberry Glo/Plum Hyperstripe Energy Tank in the store. The back mesh panel is plum.


Anonymous said...

@LLA any hyperstripe power Y tanks spotted yet??

Anonymous said...

good luck this weekend!!! btw do you think we will see the pace setter skirts in sea check in stores - if not i will have to buy it marked up on ebay b/c i must have it - sad but true.

Anonymous said...

Ah, now the mesh is making more sense! Wait until you see the mesh tights! I forgot the name, but I tried them on in Inkwell. They are full length tights with multiple see through mesh inserts all the way down the leg, starting at the top thigh. They remind me of a Splits 59 product, kind of a sexy vibe. Really cool looking but here is why I didn't buy them.

I tried on a 6 and 8 because I'm between sizes, the 6's were the best, but, I heard thread popping! Which tells me the seams couldn't be trusted.

Poor quality for over $100, I don't think so. ($108, I think) That was the main reason. The other is because it wasn't clear what these tights were for? Running? Dance? Personally I thought the see through aspect made them inappropriate for street wear, or running errands. Kind of like they were trying too hard to be sexy. For the Studio, fine, but not outside, imo.

If you are under 30, which I'm not, you could get away with it. So that sealed the deal!

Anonymous said...

I saw a plum hyperstripe vinyasa at the store today too. Also some kind of track pant in plum, with elastic at the ankles.

Anonymous said...

I got the hyperstripe bang buster head band and I love the colors. the plum is very nice.