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2013 Sea Wheeze Half Marathon Race Report, Part 2: The Merchandise

Sea Wheeze Mermaid Cool Racerback Race Shirt

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This mermaid Cool Racerback was probably "the" top to get. It's lululemon's version of a race shirt. There were numerous complaints last year that workers had what amounted to a race shirt but runners didn't get a similar item so people were very glad to see that corrected this year. Unfortunately, these ran out within a couple of hours so lululemon either has to make more for next year or perhaps have people pre-order them when they sign up for the race. Disney does that with commemorative pins - you order them when you sign up for your race and you pick them up with your packet. The expo workers had a similar top except the mermaid was on the back of the shirt.

This was my personal haul - the mermaid CRB, a striped CRB, a Scuba, and a pair of the mosaic print Track Attack shorts.

Some of the Cool Racerback styles. They were all made of luxtreme and all made in Canada. The luxtreme is nice and heavy and most people said they felt a lot nicer than last year. The most popular styles were the mermaid, the fat striped ones (some people had those bleed on them during the race), and the multi-color thin striped ones. Last year I passed on all the Cool Racerback styles because they were two-colored, pirate-looking red and white, blue and white, or plum and white striped. This year they added contrast around the neck and armholes and were multi-colored so much better all around.

Some of the Track Attack short styles. People were really loving the Track Attacks. They are a great choice for those who like a little more coverage. I saw tons of people wearing their plaid registration shorts or newly bought Sea Wheeze prints during the race. My sister picked up several pairs for my niece and herself. I hope Track Attacks are used again for next year and/or become a core style.

The Pigment Blue speeds have become "the" shorts to find.

Some of the Speed Short styles for sale. Last year I think they had Speeds and Groovy Run shorts and only up to a size ten so a better selection all around and this year they sent the coveted plaid pattern to runners so a good choice all around.

There were four colors of Swiftly tops available in Burning Yellow, Pigment Blue, mint, and a bright salmon color.  The mint and Pigment pretty much sold out but there were a lot of yellow and salmon left when I went to the store at noon, after the race. Unlike last year, the Swiftlys had the special race logo so that was a nice change. Last year I got a plum striped Swiftly tank but no Swiftlys grabbed me this year.

Some of the SW Inspires. You can also see they came in that bright Salmon color, too, in the photo with the rack of swiftlys. Those were a horror show. I was behind a girl wearing them in the race. I don't know why her friends didn't clue her in on how awful they looked. I could tell she didn't have underwear on and could see every ripple and dimple on her thighs and backside. Ugh.

 Some of the Track Attack skirts for sale. My sister got the black and the triangle print one for herself.

A couple of the Fast Track shorts. My sister got a couple pairs of these for my niece.

Some of the Track Attack jackets for sale. Both my sister and I debated getting the plaid one but we both passed. I am just not a fan of this jacket style and I figured I would never wear it once I got home. There were quite a few left over by the end of the race so they were not a hit.

The two Scuba styles that were for sale. These were sold out in everything but a few size two yellow ones by the second day. The yellow Scuba is tagged as a "stretch" but the striped is the "Sea Wheeze" one. I got the striped and it's very soft and thick. Lululemon should definitely offer Scubas again next year.

Some of the Stuff Your Bra styles for sale. These were super popular and I know a few people who bought them for the race.

Fly Away Tamer and Swiftly headbands were offered this year. I am not a Fly Away Tamer fan and I have enough Swiftly headbands (plus they had the regular logo) so I passed. Now, if they had had a Sea Wheeze Bangbuster that sucker would be mine.

The choices for women's hats were awful - the Speed Demon hat with a tiny brim. They sold very slowly. I liked the thin striped one but since it has a useless brim I passed.

What some smart women did was get the solid Pigment Blue men's cap. I wish I had spotted these. These were perfect. Next year they should make something like the Classy Cap for the ladies.

There were also Warm Up Crews for sale but these weren't super popular.

 The Work It Out Track pants went over like a lead balloon. They were marked down within hours.

The Yoga on the Run Duffels were not too much of a hit. The pigment and silver one was marked down within hours, too. Compared to the pretty plaid bag they had last year, these were a major disappointment. 

A couple of the Mod Move tank styles.

The men's "race" shirt. It says "Van Sweaty" on the back.
A couple of the mens items - a rulu pullover and 5 year tee. I didn't really care for any of the men's items. My husband likes Pace Breaker shorts but they only had solid black with orange or mint mesh. There was a pigment blue Metal Tech Vent but it's a fairly common color for lululemon and I was hoping for something different. A lot of the men's items were trimmed in what I'd call "girly" colors such as the mint or the salmon or a rainbow of the race colors. I just didn't see anything I thought my husband would like so passed on it all for him.

Overall, I think I preferred this year's race merchandise when it came to color combos compared to last year's. I know I found more items to get. They also offered nearly everything up to a size twelve, which was good since they didn't offer anything in that size last year. I definitely like that they had a "race" shirt and think they need to do that again next year. Other suggestions I would make for merchandise would be to offer a woman's long and short sleeve tees in vitasea, like an Every Yogi. My niece mentioned she would prefer a cotton top tee shirt instead of a technical top. That could be another option for a race shirt. I was also hoping to see a running luon pullover like the men got. I would definitely get one. I was also disappointed there were no long sleeve UPF tops like last year. The Warm Up Crew, Work It Out Track Pants, Speed Demon Hat, and Yoga on the Run Duffels were duds. All the CRBs and Scubas were hits and I'd put Track Attack shorts into that category, too.

What did you guys think of the merchandise? What would you like to see for next year?

PS - I forgot to write they also had a yoga mat for sale and a poster (for $30 but included a yoga mat strap). Neither of those sold super well and were left over on Sunday.


Lindsey B. said...

I am OBSESSED with track attack shorts, and SO jealous of anyone who got the SW special versions! They are all so cute!! If anyone has size 6's they'd like to get rid of eventually, hit me up!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what they do with the merch that didn't sell? Just ship it to the stores?

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 2:04 pm- last year some of the merchandise showed up at the Robson store in Vancouver. A lot of it, mostly the men's items that didn't sell, showed up at the warehouse sales.

Anonymous said...

this is much better than the special wanderlust items this year. can you cover wanderlust merchandise as well for your yogi readers? that should help kick them into trying harder!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great pics! For a new Lulu I "eat" all this up:) I am also not a fan of the track attack jacket, but in these pics, very cute so I might re-look at it. Everything else - love, love, love...

Erin Marie said...

I believe a bunch of the leftovers go shipped to the Australia wearhouse and were put on the website at one point also. Will be interesting to see what happens.

LuluAddict said...

@Erin - I wouldn't be surprised if Australia does get some Sea Wheeze stuff. I thought they made a special production run for them so it could be another way for people to get their hands on some SW stuff if it does show up.

@ anon 2:10 - Special Wanderlust stuff? I will have to search that out. I know my sister was up in Whistler when Wanderlust was going on.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 2:10 - I did a quick ebay check for Wanderlust items and only found one power y, which was in the stores, with a screen printed "wanderlust" on it. Is that what the merch was - regular stuff with the word "wanderlust" printed on it?

Anonymous said...

Little heads up--

DSJ's and a vest is dropping in next week.

You're welcome ;)

banclothing said...

I agree, there were very few wanderlust items!!!!! So disappointing. All I saw was ordinary mats with wanderlust written on and a men's 5 year shirt. So jealous of the amazing sea wheeze stock!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! Have you heard anything on plum dance studio pants? ;)

Ange said...

I was so happy I was able to get my hands on a mermaid tank. I grabbed mine in a size 4 just after 11 and they were sold out around then too.

Overall, I was pretty happy with the merch. There were some items that weren't "me" but that's to be expected. As it is I spent lots :)

Post of my goods:

Anonymous said...

Anon@2:24, thanks so much for the heads up! You have done your community service for the year, as far as I'm concerned. I am already in a hole from this last upload, shoot! I have to have the plum DSJ!

Sneaky Fed Ex man dropped off my Lulu purchases, and I almost tripped on them when I went to get the mail.

You guys, the Seacheck plaid is so much nicer than it appears in photos. The colors are much more saturated and richer, the photos don't do it justice. I got the Fast Cat skirt, which is absolutely adorable. After buying the Track and Train skirt which has no pockets, it's so nice to have my standard 3 pockets back again! I didn't think I'd like the plum panels, but they are actually very slimming. It was TTS (I wear a 4 in all Lulu except the Run Pace skirt, I was a 2).

I also bought the Seacheck Pace Setter just in case the Fast Cat didn't look good, and now I want to keep that one too! That was also TTS, I got my normal 4, and it wasn't any different than any of my other Pace Setters. I also got the rasglo/plum striped Tata Tamer and the plum 105 degree singlet (which runs really, really big!) I could have used a zero if they had one, and I'm normally a 4 in tops except the ones with shelf bras, I'm a 6 and Swiftlys I'm a 6. Anyways, I'm hoping that they have a plum striped Energy bra coming out so I can keep the singlet because the arm holes are so big, you can see my bra, and the Tata Tamer didn't look as good under it as the Energy bra does. I think I only have one other Lulu top that's a 2, and it was also a running singlet from a couple of years ago that didn't have a shelf bra (but it didn't run as large as this singlet does!)

Anyways, this last upload was a good one for me, and the next one I'll have to cut myself off after I order the jacket (if I can stay up to order it!)

Anonymous said...

Ooh, love that Track and Train skirt with the Seawheeze Triangle print! Also I love the deep richness of anything pigment blue. My credit card is going to be in flames soon!

Thanks, for the post LLA! So glad you and your sister had a good time!

Anonymous said...

Definitely agree that the women's hats were hideous! My friend put one on and I just looked at her and said, "No." Usually I try to be supportive of whatever my friends want to wear, but that hat was a definite no!

lendrody said...

Ah drooling! Love all these items! If anyone has anything they want to sell let me know :) Ps congrats on the race, such an awesome accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

The Seawheeze stuff that Australia got last year wasn't leftovers... every store (and online) got a full size range off all the most populars items. Including the plaid speeds and gorgeous duffel bag. Fingers crossed we get it all again this year!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a runner, but sweet haul. Enjoy!!

yogibabe said...

Thanks Anon August 14 at 2:24 PM!
For the DSJ heads up. What about the In the Flow Crop in Plum? Any idea? TIA!

Jen said...

All of my joking about the 15-item limit bit me back in the face when I walked out of there with 14 items. Bought the black inspires (my first inspire purchase ever), two of the bras (pigment and whatever the salmon color is), the mermaid CRB, the wide stripe CRB, the mini stripe CRB, the fresh teal mod moves tank, a pigment swiftly tank, striped speeds, geometric print skirt, a pair of socks, the men's race t for my husband, and a warm up crew for a friend.

Did anyone see a pigment mod moves tank? By the time I remembered that I thought I saw one previewed, I couldn't find any in the store. But I don't recall ever seeing them on a rack.

We parked ourselves on the side and my friend's husband was our watchman to make sure no one took any of our stuff. And boy did people try. It was crazy between 8-11am ... People were trying stuff on right in the open. I had taken off my CRB and was trying on tanks over a sports bra and thentrying on shorts over my crops, but there were some women who just took off their bottoms to try on right there.

I wasn't thrilled with that yellow color, as well as the selection for men. I did like the men's black pullover and saw a lot of women trying it on. It seemed to look better on women due to the colors. The blue bag was hideous, but the black was cute. Just couldn't justify $150 for it. I do regret not buying the teal jacket though.

I thought it was interesting that they had two colors in the new bras (itty/bitty/booby), but only the teal had the SW logo. I don't think those moved as lulu had thought they might. Instead, I'm loving the two stuff your bras I got, and wish I picked one up in every color. Also regretting putting back the black one with the mini stripe. Oh well.

Due to the damage inflicted on my credit card on Friday, I won't be buying much from lulu until the winter.

Rachael said...

Did they ever lower the cost of the yoga mat?

V said...

@yogibabe - OOOH I would LOVE some Plum In the Flow Crops!

This Plum release is killing me...I want everything in it! the DSJ, the hyperstripe CRB, the hyperstripe crops :O

V said...

@LLA - we basically had the same haul! Except I also caved for a pair of the black multi inspires, track attack sw plaid jacket, salmon fast track shorts and work it out track pants (I got them after the markdown...figured they will be great for wearing to/from pole class)

Anonymous said...

the pre-wanderlust email promised "custom lululemon-Wanderlust designs not available in stores." at wanderlust Tahoe there were a few tanks (and maybe some pants) that had wanderlust printed on them and also scubas that had compasses embroidered that disappeared instantly in all but the hideous colors. nothing on this scale.

LuluAddict said...

@ Jen - I saw people dropping trou right out in the open, too. She had on a ratty sports bra, too. The smart move would have been to wear Wunder Unders then you can pull the shorts up over them, which is what I saw lots of women doing.

I saw a women walking around Vancouver in the men's pullover with the rainbow upper chest. It looked cute on her but I've tried on the men's stuff before and it just doesn't fit right. The shoulders are big, chest just right, waist big, and hips tight. Plus, it looks like a dude's top and I buy lulu because it fits the female form so nicely.

LuluAddict said...

@Ange - I agree about the striped Scuba looks like something for a 6 year old but I couldn't resist it either.

Anonymous said...

I bought a CRB in white with mint stripes and yellow trim... And the yellow bled into the rest of the tank in the wash, and now it has yellow streaks everywhere! So disappointing. :(

Anonymous said...

Plum In the Flow crops? Hm. If they did choose to do that (which I, too, am hopeful), I'd expect them to reintroduce the Ebb and Flow crops in that color (and the colors to follow for the Fall palette). But keep in mind that with the nature of that fabric, the plum would come off more like how it'd look on a Swiftly..

..oh, speaking of Plum Swiftly's -- well, you'll see!

AND it would be totally unfair if they uploaded DSJ's next week and not the DSP's to complement, am I right? ;)

Your truly,
Anon from 2:24pm

yogibabe said...

@ V
I the plum. Last year I had the Bordeaux fever, so this year is Plum! Check out this Oz crop banner,
LOVE! Here's hoping we get to score some/all plum. ;)

Anonymous said...

What a great collection – thank you so much for sharing !
I'm from Australia and last year we got a ton of SW stuff around late Oct/early Nov– which was interestingly all put on the WMTM on Boxing Day at unbelievable prices
I'm hoping (praying) it will be the same this year
There are so many items I want – def the mermaid CRB and TA shorts.

V said...

@ yogibabe

OMGGGGGGGGGGG!!! Ok. I've been sitting on a pair of Love Red (too orangey) In the Flows but those are definitely going back to the store now after seeing that banner!

Anonymous said...

Disagree on track attack jacket- most were gone by noon when I went back except yellow and a few plaid. I got the mint and pigment stripes and my sis told me its hideous... Oh well I still like it :)

Anonymous said...

I bought some work it out track pants when they were on WMTM a few months ago and love them. I know they're an item that definitely isn't a "need" (of course nothing is a need!), and they're expensive, so that's probably why they didn't sell so well. I would be interested to see what color combos they came in at SW. The new track to reality pants look pretty much identical.

Anonymous said...

In a way it is good that I have no access to any of this stuff.
It is all very very cute and the colors are delicious. Love all the CRBs
Thank you for the eye candy


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the colorways but was glad that I didn't feel the need to buy everything -- I snapped up the mermaid CRB and the black, white, and salmon-accented Warm Up Crew (which kind of killed me to buy at full-price when the Bleached Coral/Pop Orange version was on markdown...) because I'd wanted a black/white-striped bateau sweater.

I was disappointed that the coveted Pigment Blue Speeds (which I thought were Nike Tempos in passing on the street, haha) and the color-blocked Orange (Coral?)/Mint Speeds weren't on the shelves when I got to the expo store around 8:10 after packet pick-up; among my SurveyMonkey comments to the SeaWheeze team was to have expo Educators consistently stock all styles throughout the day. I had no idea that those 2 Speed styles existed until I saw them on race day.

I also enjoyed the triangle-print, although the colorway was too close to our excellent race shorts, so I passed.

Regardless of the snags, my girlfriends and I vowed to return for SW every year we can. This was my 5th half marathon and the best experience and value of any race I've ever run thus far.

p.s. Congratulations on PR-ing, LLA! :)