Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Plum In the Flow Crops and More

The new Plum In the Flow II crops and Fluffin Awesome Vest. 

The super cute Afterglow/Cozy Stripe Scuba.

The Plum/Hyperstripe and Afterglow/Cozy Stripe Scubas.

Striped Heathered Raspberry Glo Swiftly tank. I tried on the LS version of this last week and this batch of swiftlys are soft and thicker than the normal swiftly. I wonder if it's a change or due to the striped pattern.

New Swiftly headbands in heathered Plum and heathered Blue Moon.

From Australia, Layer Me LS in White/Nimbus and striped Heathered Plum Swiftly SS. Update - the Swiftly is here in the US, too.


Heather said...

I like that striped rasp glo swiftly tank! Is the color as vivid as it appears here?

Disposable Income Girl said...

that striped heathered Raspberry Glo Swiftly tank needs to be mine!

Mae said...

Has anyone noticed that with the Dance Studio III jacket- some have pockets and some do not? I think the non-pocket version looks better

amazr said...

Mae, the dsj is reversible. The pockets dont show on the reversible side. Its like two jackets in one! Awesomeness!

Anonymous said...

What's she wearing in that first photo on the right? Is that a top or just a scarf wrapped around her like a shirt?