Monday, August 5, 2013

NEW! Midnight Iris Print, Atma Tank, Energy Tank, Stuff Your Bra Tank, Vinyasas are Back and More

New Atma Tank in Midnight Iris Print. I like the look of this tank and the print.

Atma Tank in Plum. Also shown is the men's Core Hoodie.

The Energy Tanks are hitting the stores.

Stuff Your Bra Tank in Blue Moon

Vinyasa scarves are back, this time in a print! I might get the print one.

Cute new braided headband style

Very nice looking new Core Hoodie for men.

The men also get a new Cranberry color in the Metal Tech Vent shirt.


Eric said...

Its a heathered plum metal tech for men

Heather said...

I like the braided headbands.

Anonymous said...

I went to high school with the girl in the Stuff Your Bra tank.