Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fall Preview Video Hints and More

Some screen captures from a fall hints video. The new Cornflower blue is shown. Also, a new running vest and maybe rulu LS.

 The Raspberry Glo/Plum No Limit Tank.

Pretty Raspberry Glo Hyperstripe Scoop Neck Tank.

Friday, August 30, 2013

NEW! Speed Tights, Karma LS, and More

New Plum Speed Tights made of power luxtreme.

The black shirt was identified as a Karma LS but I don't have any other info on it yet.

Some hyper stripe and fat stripe pairing with the Plum Pace Setter skirt. 

I got the solid Plum No Limit Tank today. The edging is in the Plum/Inkwell hyperstripe pattern but it's horizontal so it looks more like inkwell edging. If you like Plum and NLTs you really need to check this one out.

Plum Skinny Will pants

Pique, Plum, and Ziggy print Skinny Will pants
Pique Skinny Wills and Blue Moon Scoop Neck

Check out the Plum Wee Space Scuba hood

The new Swiftly LS and half zips. I tried on the Plum Swiftly LS today, it's very soft and thick - super nice.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Run For Your Life Hyperstripe Color and More

I'm not sure of the color of these new Hyperstripe Run For Your Life crops but I think it's Plum and Deep Zinfandel though I've read others call this Plum/Inkwell. The color code is HSPM/PWM/PSAW.

Also shown are the new pique Skinny Will pants
Two new Plum No Limit Tanks are out - Solid Plum with hyperstripe edging (thanks goodness) and Plum/Raspberry.

Plum Swiftly LS and Plum Pace Setter Skirt.

More photos of the new Plum Wee Space Scuba. Also shown in the top photo is the new striped Bangbuster.

I got my Pique Skinny Will pants today and I lurve them. They are very thick and opaque. I had on pow pink underwear and I couldn't see them in my home mirror when I bent over. It was 97 today so I won't be wearing them for awhile but I can't wait to break them out for watching my son's soccer games on a chilly day.

My three main bags - Retro Groovy, Work It Out Duffel, Get Set Go Duffel

Showing the yoga mat strap, the shoulder strap, and the shoe pouch
I got my Midnight Iris Work It Out Duffel and love it. It has twelve pockets total, the same amount as my other duffel, the Get Set Go Duffel which I use as my carry on. I want to use this new one as my gym bag but the laptop pocket means it might also become my carry on bag.

I'm keeping everything from Monday's order - the Plum Cool Racerback, the Plum Energy Bra, the duffel bag, and the Pique Will Pants.

Plum No Limit Tank, Plum Wee Are From Space Scuba, and More

Attention Plum lovers! A new Plum No Limit Tank. Shown with the Pique Will Pant. My pants are coming today.

The Plum/Black Wee Are From Space Scuba. I have heard it runs a bit snug in the chest.

 New Striped Bangbuster.

New quilt band on Groove Pants.

The striped Cool Racerbacks.

The newest Forme Jackets in Angel Wing hyperstripe and Inkwell/Plum Stripe

Black Nice Asana Jacket.

The newest Power Y tanks.

The Hi Low Wunder Under Pants. I don't get why these made a comeback. They look like crap on everyone with the waist up. Maybe because they smooth you out under a tank top?

Ignore those pants on the left but check out the Plum Pace Setter skirt on the right.