Friday, July 26, 2013

Mod Dot Ta Ta Tamer and More

The new Scuba from yesterday is Split Pea and Inkwell. I love both these colors so I'm happy to see them make a curtain call.

New Mod Dot Ta Ta Topper

New Sizzle Fast Track Tank (in Australia).

The new Track and Train tanks in Spry and Mod Dot. Also shown is a Love Red Ta Ta Tamer.

Love Red Gather and Crow Crops.

The Sizzle and Spry Twin Stripe Deep V tanks.

Love Red In the Flow Crops and Free to Be Bra

New Mod Dot/Twin Stripe Groovy Run Shorts and Sizzle Featherweight Singlet.

From Australia, new Spry/Sizzle Astro Pants.

Spry Hip to Be Zen Halter

 More Blissed Out Jacket photos.

The tag to the new Full-on Luon and a comparison of regular luon (left) and full on (right). If you click on the photo you can get a bigger version. The weave looks a little tighter. (Thanks to Ms. R. for the photo.)

Sizzle Three Hit Henley, Metal Vent Tech V in Aquamarine, Striped Surge Short, and Light As Air Short in Soot/Spry Blue.

 Sizzle Focus V and Light As Air Short in Sizzle/Soot.


Anonymous said...

The lady in the sizzle featherweight singlet is totally rocking that outfit!!

Anonymous said...

I am totally DYING to hear about the new Luon. Any fit reviews? Is it really better?

Anonymous said...

I saw the new Luon in store and compared it to the other Luon. It does look like a tighter weave. It seems to simply be the "old" Luon before pantsgate in my opinion and the educator thought the same thing.

Anonymous said...

I saw the dotted tata tamer top yesterday and it's super cute! The hint if love red makes it very sharp looking.

Anonymous said...

The new full on luon WU are great. They feel a little tighter because they are more compressive, but definitely not see through. I'm really happy with the purchase and as long as they stay the same in quality, I'll be buying more. Super excited about the fall colors!

Anonymous said...

OT. But I HAVE to comment on the most ridiculous photo lululemon have posted on its site, at least since I've been an addict -3 years- of a camel toe! Who is the world approves the images that get uploaded?!!

The image is the second one from the top down, showing the Sizzle Go with The Flow Bag. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone comment on the Run: Fast Track Short Sleeve? It looks nice but there are no reviews on the site yet. Online only shopper here so I really need some fit and fabric quality feedback, before digging into my wallet. Thx

Anonymous said...

I think all of the new stuff is unattractive and unappealing. It "works" for me in that I am giving LLL less and less money.

KB said...

I tried on the new Luon today, they had it at the Charlotte, NC store. It was a tighter weave. Not as soft as the old luon. Thy only had a 6 and I'm an 8, and it wasn't as sheer as the new regular WU. I think any sheerness was due to me trying on the smaller size. I had pink undies on and I could barely see them, the white tag was showing a bit but I'm sure if I sized up they would be opaque.

I didn't buy them because I just bought a YS pair and a few plain black Zella "Live-in" pants at the Nordsrom Anni sale. ($33.90, can't beat that deal) They aren't as good as other brands but they are soft, opaque and zip in any sign of belly bulge better than Lulu. I'll buying Lulu WUs when they start putting colors in the bands again. Need more spice in my collection!

Now all they need to do is stop calling this new Luon and start making all their Luon pants in this material. Makes no sense that there are 2 grades of fabric for the same price.

Anonymous said...

Sizzle under wunders are on Ebay.....How did I miss these?

Anonymous said...

I just noticed Mod Move crops in a pink called Afterglow? Is this a new released color?

Anonymous said...

I tried on the full-on luon today, in a 6 and an 8 (6'0", 155#). It definitely is more compressive and thicker, but in a plastic-y way. It is 81% nylon with the rest lycra. Still sheer with both sizes, could see tag and color of underwear. The seaming internal to the pant were a bit scratchy. Made in Bangladesh for the ones I tried on. Disappointed, as it retained heat like no other. Felt like something you would buy from Old Navy or Reebok. I would not recommend investing in these, as they don't have the same cottony-soft feel my real, older luon has.

I'm wondering why they simply won't go to the original design and recipe of luon. It seems so simple a fix instead of this recipe, which I feel is far more inferior. If I did a blind try-on test with these, I would have never guessed lulu.

I'm sorry to report that I feel the hype is simply for sales, hiding the core truth that they are still off-kilter with their product and need more time to recoup. They have been in a slump and I feel are trying to make any money they can, thus why we are hearing about this "two-year in the making" luon just now. I encourage a try-on in the stores if you can. The new fit guide is very off, as I just had to return a pair of the black wee stripe WUC in a size 10 because they were literally falling down during a run (but apparently per that video, that's what size I really am).

LuluAddict said...

@anon 8:27 pm - thanks for the fit review and grabbing the fabric content. Interesting you found them hot. That would be a sale-killer for me.

Anonymous said...

Pretty stupid that Full-On Luon has been in the works for 2 years. That means they know something has been wrong for 2 years and it has taken them this long to TRY to remedy it?

Even stupider that the reviews of it are 50-50. Some people are saying it is better and not sheer, and some are saying it is sheer. If they cannot have consistency then the problem still exists.

Also, how hard is it to duplicate something that you did for years in the past? Break out the old recipe for heaven's sake! DUH!

KZ said...

I got a pair of the new "full" Luton wonder unders today. I didn't try them on in the store, but the cashier told me as I checked out that she sized up in them since they are a tighter fit. I tried them on as soon as I got home and felt that they fit fairly TTS. They are very comfy and feel sturdy. I am typically a runner and am used to wearing styles like the inspires, and am used to thi support. I am also 6', so I was worried the wonder unders would be short, but they fit very well. I wear a size 8 in all of the lulu pants. I was worried when the sales associate said she sized up, but mine felt great.

Anonymous said...

@9:56 I went in store and tried out the fast track ss. It's an amazing shirt! Beats the he k out if the swiftly IMO. It's a tts item and so very flattering in every area. Not skin tight on tummy but def not loose. The slit in back shows just a hint of color from your sports bra. But especially performance is superb. It wicks sweat like a dream. I stayed cool during 2 hrs mma fighting practice followed by an hour of Jiu jitsu. The swift panels on black shirt match the rest of shirt perfectly. In other colors the swift panel is slightly darker. All the colors are beautiful. The cool breeze is so much prettier in person. I will actually be going back to buy all the colors.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 7:47 here... Yes, just like anon. @ 8:27pm, I found the material to be plasticy, not as soft as the other version of Luon that is in stores now. They didn't feel nice enough for me to try them on. Why not go back to the old recipe ? Why is it so hard for Lulu to make something of quality ??

Anonymous said...

Anon@9:56am -

I tried on the Fast Track short sleeve yesterday. I thought it was cuter in person than the pics online. I tried on the 4, which is the size I always am for the looser fitting shirts and it fit well. Body-skimming fit, not tight, but not baggy or sloppy either. I found it to be quite comfortable for the few minutes I had it on and very lightweight. I moved my arms around a bit and didn't notice any chafing or anything. The only reason I didn't buy it was because I never wear short sleeves, only long or tanks. I just tried it on because I was curious.

Anonymous said...

@KB 1:30

I think they will be making all the luon in the new luon, it will just take time to change over the styles.

Anonymous said...

Now it is time to improve on the other fabrics as well, this year Studio Crops are thinner than years past, and the Serene Tee is sheer and very thin, you have to layer something underneath it, it defeats the purpose of wearing a Tee.

My store has cut staff due to the slumping sales. The new stuff is just not worth buying imo.