Thursday, July 25, 2013

Another Sea Wheeze Sneak Peek

Another sneak peek of Sea Wheeze items was released. Looks like there is a pattern on the Swiftlys. Not too excited about the print in the top of the photo.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry this is OT, but I was wondering if any of you Dance Studio Jacket loving ladies could comment on your experience with the Street to Studio Jackets?

I am a size 6 in all tops, but always took a size 8 in the DSJs, so Im wondering if I should go with that for the Street to Studio? OR just skip it all together because it may be too short? Do you think it is as short as the Scuba Stretches 1st release? I've been on the fence about this all day -- will I love it bc it's so similar to my beloved DSJs or will I hate it bc it won't measure up? Thanks all!

Anonymous said...

Street to studio jacket is a sad, sad version of the DSJ IMO - I wanted to like it but even at $69 can't justify- too short but would be TTS if you wanted to try it. I'm an 8 in DSJ and 6 in this fit me.

Love that new seawheeze color- pigment??? Hope so :). Either way I'm happy to see a deeper color finally!!!

Anonymous said...

agree with 8:43PM- love the blue, but what blue is it?

RunLikeTheWind said...

Oooh neato, you guys going there are lucky ducks :) Sounds as though they took a lot of the feedback you participants from last year shared.