Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Groovy Stripe Nimbus Energy Bra, Voyage Pullover, and More

New Groovy Stripe Nimbus Energy Bra, Power Y, and Ebb and Flow Tank. It looks like you really have to cherry pick your stripe placement in the Groovy Stripe print.

Zippy Green Cool Racerback and Nimbus Twiggy Print Om Pant.

Shown with the Ebb and Flow tank

Shown with the Live Lightly tank
More Om pant photos.

Ignite Shorts and Tank

Go With the Flow Bag and Ignite Tank

Swank Tank and Clam Digger Crops

Voyage Pullover


Mandy said...

What is the material like for the Om Pants?

Anonymous said...

Is there a new Serene Pant in Aquamarine out in stores?? Just found this one on ebay!

Item number:

It looks beyond see-through though. Maybe it went straight to the outlet? Does anyone know?

MissDrea83 said...

Do I see an inkwell CRB?

Anonymous said...

OT. Will the Devotion Tee Long Sleeve in Very Green never make it to the US site? It's been in the Canadian for a couple of weeks now! Grrrr... I bet that as soon as I contact my Canadian angel, and pay Canadian taxes and int'l shipping and tip her, it shows up on the US site!

Anonymous said...

OMG This.Is.Ridiculous!
Please someone tell me lulu is NOT coming out with this in stores:

Ebay Item number:

This is not even see-through, it's transparent! Serene Pant in WHITE Tencel.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone speak to the sheerness of the white Om pants?

Unknown said...

Are those Soot Light Clam Diggers? I was hoping they would have been uploaded last night.

Anonymous said...

The Clam Diggers are the UGLIEST crop/shorts I have ever seen! They are the equivalent of Mom jeans.

Anonymous said...

Serene Pants in White and Aquamarine were pulled back before they hit the floor. Some stores received them but had to send them back. Clearly a bad cookie kept a few pairs to sell.

Groovinpinky said...

Mandy, I went to my local store today to try on the Om Pants and an educator described them as always wearing the cool side of your pillow. I would say that is true. Once I put them on I was sold. I was worried that they would be too long on my 5'2" frame but they weren't.

Hope that helps. :)

Anonymous said...

Haha. The model in the black tank and white pants is standing in front of a**es.

Anonymous said...

does anyone else think the ignite tank looks like a person's bra is showing? otherwise it looks really nice.

Mandy said...

Thanks! Does the material seem sound? I really like the looks of the white denim ones!

Anonymous said...

I love the material on the white denim Om pants. I tried them on and was so tempted but to be honest, they made my legs look really short and I'm petite to begin with...vanity over comfort! If you're tall and leggy I recommend.

Anonymous said...

I hope the groovy stripe nimbus print is on the mod moves singlet. But if it doesn't, money saved :)