Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pinks Comparison: Pinkelicious vs. Paradise, Senorita, Bon Bon, Fruity Tootie

An awesome comparison photo was just posted in one of my groups (thanks to Ms. A. and her great collection): Top Left - Pinkelicious Scuba, Bottom left: Bon Bon Scuba. Top Right: Paradise CRB, Middle Right: Senorita CRB, and bottom right: Fruity Tootie CRB. Ms. A. says that Paradise is more muted in real life than Pinkelicious. The only other older pink I think Pinkelicious may be close to is Disco pink.

Vintage lulu: Action Tank in Paradise Pink. This looks on the orange side, here.

Move Tank in Paradise Kiss Chipper Print

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Anonymous said...

I saw Pinkelicious in the store today in the V neck Swifty, it looks more like a light fushia pink. I still think it will bleed.

I also saw the run crops they look sheer imo. Too bad because they are really cute!