Thursday, April 11, 2013

Beach Blanket Blue Studio Pants, Street to Studio Crops, and Presence Pant

From Australia, Studio Pants in Beach Blanket Blue. Shown with the Bonded Cool Racerback.

 Street to Studio Crops coming in Beach Blanket Blue.

Beach Blanket Blue Presence Pant. Also shown are the Studio Pants.

Fresh Teal Rejuvenate Pant with a Beach Blanket Blue Cool Racerback.



Anonymous said...

I tried on the sweatpants and they were surprisingly cute but I refuse to pay $98 for sweatpants.

RunLikeTheWind said...

Love that blue! So vibrant. Can't tell if it is worth another CRB though, since I have Beaming.

The Studios look GREAT in this color.

Anonymous said...

LLA, thanks for the review! I am trying to decide which smoga pant to order - did you like the legging or slimmie better for everyday wear?

Sarah&Elizabeth said...

How are the zippers on those pants? I seem to get hurt by zippers. Super cute though

luluFemom said...

OT, but does anyone know what the deal is with the Urban Oasis Tote? BBB/Moonstone version already in WMTM, which seems questionable to me. No reviews on either color scheme, so I've got nothing to go on but pictures (and it's mine for keeps!). Would love any feedback - it seems like a cute option for summer schlepping.

Anonymous said...

that tote is really cheap looking. Like a knock off from china town NYC.