Tuesday, April 30, 2013

NEW Zippy Green Power Y and More

Bold Stripe (?) Zippy Green Power Y.

The new Power Purple Cool Racerbacks are solid not heathered. (Thanks to Ms. C for the photos and love the polish! I am sucker for glitter polish.)

The new Front Racer Tank was obviously inspired by Battlestar Galatica - this is how we're supposed to wear the new tank. I need to find a sleeveless athletic gray shirt. ;-) (Thanks to Ms. S. for the photo.)

Who's Getting Your Lulu $ These Days?

From the comments I am reading on the blog and in my lulu Facebook groups a great majority of you, the hardcore lululemon fan, are spending a lot less on lululemon these days. Many have turned to hunting "vintage" lululemon items on eBay and other selling boards. However, quite a few of have branched out into seriously exploring other brands or decided they have enough gym clothes and started indulging their inner shoe fashionista. Based on the various outfit of the day (OOTD) photos posted it seems the winners for their lulu dollars, with respect to women's athletic wear, are Under Armour's Studio Lux Line and Athleta. I've read so much about UA's "wunder unders" that I need to check them out for myself.

From all the comments I've read I get the sense that the scales have fallen from quite a few people's eyes and their spending is unlikely to return to their previous lululemon peak. Aside from the drastic drop in quality and not feeling valued as a customer anymore, many people feel the brand is over-exposed and are tired of walking into a class where three other people have the same top on. Many also feel the colors are being repeated too often (hello neon yellows), that designs have become too pedestrian, that the number of different styles have been greatly reduced (tanks especially), and that the brand has become a little too "young" and lacking in sophistication.

So, by how much has your spending on lululemon decreased? What other brands have you turned to and, more importantly, do you think you will ever go back to spending so much on lululemon again?

Under Armour's Studio Lux Capris

Update/Follow Up - So I slummed it to a Dick's Sporting Goods this morning after writing this post and tried on some Under Amour Studio Lux, Nike, and Prana stuff. I did not like the UA Studio Lux. It's soft but all polyester and it seems like it would pill up on me and be hot for the gym. That was my impression anyway. I did like the one Prana tank I tried on a lot - it was the Quinn Chakara Tank in charcoal. The material and fit seemed the most lulu-like of all. The price is also lulu-like at $60 retail. The Prana bottoms I tried on were ok and would probably be the brand I'd choose if I shopped at a big box store. The other item I really liked was a pair of Nike Gym Seamless crops, $60. They seemed like Nike's version of Ebb and Flows since they were a seamless knit material made of a nylon/spandex blend. They were a little on the shiney side compared to E&F crops but I definitely want to take another look at these. They also come in a royal blue color which seem more matte than the black.

Prana Quinn Chakara Tank

Nike Gym Seamless Crops

Light Hearted Tank, Purple Studio Crops, and More

Light Hearted Tank and Studio Crop. Shown with an Energy Bra underneath. 

The Front Racer tank actually looks good on this woman. I think it's because I can't see much of her front bra strap and she has just the right shape for it.

 Not loving the Front Racer as much on these women.

Clarity Tank photos. Boo on the white being see-through.

Power Purple Studio Crops and Very Green Make It Count tank.

Power Purple Forme Jacket, Fresh Teal Cool Racerback, and White Street to Studio Crops.

Monday, April 29, 2013


Is this print truly worthy of lulu? Is it for grown women? Blech.
The upload was a miss for me tonight. I might be tempted by a Power Purple Energy bra but I have a Grapeseed one from a couple of years ago so am good there.

What is lulu's obsession with see-through tee shirts this season? We are getting granny tanks with necklines that strangle us but see-through cotton items. I like the style of this cotton top a lot but don't want a see-through shirt.

The new Luminous Tank made of Vitasea looks interesting. However, the straps look spaghetti thin. I'd be afraid those would cut into my shoulders.

The Scoop Me Up is back which I know makes quite a few people happy. This is the Zippy Green, yet another neon color.

I think the real winner for this upload is the Clarity Tank. Love the classic style. Love.

Finally dug up a photo of the Tiny Tee I bought from the Lab last summer. Looks very similar to the Clarity.

Did you order anything?

NEW Power Purple Bold Stripe, Zippy Green, Scoop Me Up is Back, and More

New Power Purple Bold Stripe Power Y.

The Scoop Me Up tank is back. Coming in Power Purple, Zippy Green, and Black.

What is Zippy Green? It's the neon color seen in this bag.

New Grooves and Studio Crops are coming in Power Purple, too.

More of the Latest

More Front Racer tank photos. Still hating it. It looks like it's pretty baggy through the waist.

Pinkelicious Swiftly tank and Breeze By Skirt. I think this is a shorter Swiftly tank. The older long version is coming back in June.

More Clarity Tank photos. I like this tank much better than the other.

Power Purple Forme jacket photos.

All the Vino to Vinyasa bags that are in the stores.

The latest shopper totes. (Thanks to Ms. K. and Ms. E. for the photos.)

NEW! Clarity Tank, Sky Blue Coming, More Front Racer Tank

New Clarity Tank. This looks like it's made of Vitasea. It comes in Frond, Black, and White. It looks like the Tiny Tee I picked up at the Lab last summer.

More of the Front Racer Tank. I hate how the front straps cut in. The text says it's coming in Fresh Teal, black, and Silver.

The new Power Purple Forme jacket. It looks like lulu is adding a hair tie to the zipper on the Formes now. I guess it's a teeny tiny step in the right direction but I'd rather have the entire Define design back.

Also, I am hearing that Sky blue (code SKBL) is a new blue being spotted in the stores. Not sure why we are getting all these similar blues lately - Sky, Beach Blanket, and Beaming. Seems so redundant.