Monday, March 4, 2013

Urban Oasis Tote and More

Work It Out Track Pants.

"Naked Seam" / bonded Cool Racerbacks. I felt these up in the stores last week. The seam under the armpit is bonded or glued or whatever and has a knife sharp edge. I just can't believe that doesn't cause some people chafing.

 The Ocean Stripe Mellow Lemon Cool Racerback.

New Urban Oasis Tote. This bag is totally devoid of personality. What is going on with lululemon bags lately? They are freaking-a boring.

The new Pure Balance Water Bottle.


monique said...

the lululemon bags these past couple months makes me wanna cry.
i used to always justify purchasing them because i truly believed they were designed so immaculately that the price was worth it more than anything else they carried.
that is not the case anymore.

Anonymous said...

I have bags from lulu I paid $78 for like 4-6 years ago and they are TWICE the size and quality of what they produce now. Now they are almost DOUBLE the price and half the quality and size! I'll stick with all my gorgeous vintage lulu bags...everyone drools at when they see me! :)

RunLikeTheWind said...

That is an overly-designed water bottle coozy if I've ever seen one. What a waste. The customers would be better served if the designers spent their time working on a solution to sheer wunder unders, bleeding fabric, wimpy seams, etc.

Anonymous said...

The lululemon bags are always cheap looking. I can get nicer stuff in chinatown knockoff section.


Jennifer said...

Tried on the SE CRB and it is uncomfortably thin. Doesn't hug figure like crb, instead it "sticks to" unless you are rail thin I wouldn't recommend.