Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More of the Latest

The Inkwell Pinstripe Wunder Under Pants.

Pace Tank and Skirt in white and Fresh Teal.

Fresh Teal Beach Runner Jacket, Pace Tank and white Pace Setter Skirt.

The Whole Fresh Teal look - Beach Runner Jacket, Pace Tank and Pace Crops.

Bleached Coral Beach Runner, Faded Zap Swiftly, Pace Shorts (I think.)

The Ebb and Flow bra. (thanks to Ms. M. for the second photo.)


Anonymous said...

I'm kind of loving that beach runner jacket! Especially in the teal combo

Anonymous said...

Why do these girls wear their tops and jackets so tight? Not a good look! The smiling girl with the headband who is wearing a fresh teal jacket--look how it pulls across her shoulders. It should be a few sizes bigger! Or is this the look most lulu wearers go for?

Anonymous said...

Hey Vancouver, miss you!

Jennifer said...

Anon 2:13 I think it may very well be a trend. When I tried on the pump it up jacket in store the educator told me it was too big on me although it was my true size. I said no thanks to sizing down and she snapped back that "I guess it's a preference if you like loose fitting jackets" I didn't fit it loose fitting at all is the funny thing, it was pretty snug!

Anonymous said...

And look how low the crotch is in the pics. That would drive me nuts while I'm running. Maybe some of these girls just buy the outfits for look and not for function.

Anonymous said...

I am really loving the look of the beach runner jacket! This new color blocking is so much nicer, since it is paired with neutrals. It gives the jacket a fresh, distinct look.

Anonymous said...

There was a discussion about the same topic a few days ago re: wrong sizing on these girls. Some people really got angry about others talking about this. I totally agree that some are just way too tight for comfort even when the girls are very fit and slim. Some people just care more about looks than function.
I also think some/most of these pictures were educators putting on the clothes just to model. I see the educators in my store do that all the time - put on the clothes and walk around but not paying for them. I think it's good for them to know the fit and function of the clothes they are selling but I have a problem with them doing this "extended fitting" then put them back on the floor to sell. GROSS. I really don't want to pay top Lulu$ for "used" clothings.

Anonymous said...

Really don't think it's OK to try stuff on and walk around all day in it and then put it back. You are putting wear and tear in clothing that you most likely won't purchase. I see a lot of comments here of people purchasing stuff with the intention of returning it, and lounging in the clothes. It is really yucky if you don't intend on purchasing.