Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Free Fall Crops, Pace Setter and Pace Skirts

The solid Inkwell Wunder Unders that reverse to black.

Inkwell Free Fall crops. If you are looking for a comfortable crop for yoga I really like these.

Pace Skirt

Faded Zap Pace Skirt and Tank
The latest Pace Setter and Pace Skirts. There is a Cool Racerback coming in the Faded Zap dot print. I'm not sure whether I like that print or not.


RunLikeTheWind said...

Like the Faded Zap color, but the dot print isn't for me. It's too Easter-y, like how an Easter egg might be decorated.

Anonymous said...

thought I would want a faded zap CRB. definitely not with dots and now i'm sure it's too neon for me. guess i'll just wait on a real green, here's hoping.

Anonymous said...

The Free Fall Crop is definitely on my wish list! Any idea on pricing? $78?