Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pace Tank, Bra, Lined-Hood Scuba, and More

 The new Pace Tank in Burning Yellow, Frond, and Black. The Black are shown with Pace Tights.
The Pace Bra.

Also shown is the new Men's Dispatch Hoodie

The new lined-hood Scuba Stretches. I think these are a little longer than the first batches of Scuba Stretch. I had read a rumor lulu was working on making the Scuba Stretch longer.

 I think I read somewhere there are new gray Wunder Unders out and I think this is a photo of them. Shown with the Mellow Lemon Cool Racerback.
 Burning Yellow/Mellow Lemon two-tone Swiftly and Mellow Lemon Swiftly LS. A reader says the ML Swiftly LS looks nearly identical to the clarity one.

Bleached Coral Studio Crops and Mellow Lemon Cool Racerback.

 These quilted Grooves are really appealing to me. I need to try them on.
Dune Stills, Frond Gingham Cool Racerback and Pop Orange Forme Jacket

Pop Orange Pace Tight and Rise and Shine Jacket. Shown with the new Double the Fun Run Toque.

More of the new Men's stuff: Dispatch hoodie in top and bottom photos. Shown with Inkwell Gingham and Frond Pace Breaker Shorts. New Frond Metal Tech Vent LS shown with Presta Pants.


Anonymous said...

that yellow pace tank - its completely sheer, you can clearly see the cups. that does not look good, not on anyone.

i am also MAD at myself for ordering those coral studio's. all reports say see through. i cannot believe i broke down, i love studios. but not see through ones. damn, why why why did i fall for it. they have not arrived but i am not hopeful in the least.

how the F*** can you not see prior producing a product such as the studio's that the material needed to be lined.

fool me twice, shame on me! damn i feel stupid for ordering.

Anonymous said...

Holy moly that male model shouldn't be in pics if he can't smile!! LOL... just looks like he's having the WORST day of his life!! YIKES!! :(

Anonymous said...

Two Comments:

1. When will the original Scuba Hoodie come back? I saw a woman my height (5'8) at the store today wearing a Mint Moment Scuba Hoodie Stretch and it looked so cheapy and fug! I had to do a double take because it looked like she was wearing a cropped child's jacket:(. So not worth the $108+ tax price IMO.

2. Be on high alert for counterfeit lulu on Ebay! I'm noticing more fakes including fake Scuba Hoodies (see items # 261165960479 and 181074559447, now removed) fake defines (#200890191682 and 200890189473, both unfortunately sold). Look out for auctions that include, "This was not purchased in lululemon store or online" - this wording was used in all 3 auctions.

Anonymous said...

can anyone REALLY confirm these new stretch hoodies are longer, thicker and better quality????? Thanks! :)))

Sophia said...

I tried on the new lined scuba stretch - LOVE it. I had not even bothered trying on the first ones as the unlined hood was a deal breaker. But now that they lined te hood...they're amazing! So soft and comfy...actually makes me rethink my current scubas... They seem just as long on me as the original scubas. They hit about an inch above where the CRb hits me...low hip. I did size down from my regular size 6 to a 4 as I wanted a tighter fit and have a small chest

Anonymous said...

I saw the define listings- the should be banned from Ebay!!! What losers:/

Anonymous said...

C'mon, lay off the male model/educator. That's just mean. At least he agreed to represent for the men.

On the men's...really, colour blocking on the jacket?! No. More Colour blocking!

Scuba Stretch lined hood and getting longer...so are they incrementally getting back to a regular Scuba? Just bring back the old, better Scuba! It's going to happen. I refuse to buy a scuba stretch! I think the one with cream and beige is unappealing and juvenile.

Anonymous said...

Mellow Lemon CRB pics where she has the grey WU and flare (or?) headband...CRB almost looks fluorescent!

I bought the Mellow Lemon CRB today in store and it is not fluorescent. It is a NICE yellow. Happy to have it.

Anonymous said...

Try on report:

Mellow yellow crb is beautiful. It's a soft yellow...like sunshine. It's not as bright as clarity yellow ribbed crb...but still kind of similar. I'm not sure I should keep the mellow yellow one right now...feedback from others??
Run pace bra: is cute and nice...supportive for those who are full chested...it fit similar as an energy bra for me (slightly loose) in size 4. However, size 4 in flow y and free to be , all sport are perfect for me.
Run: pace bra

Rachael said...

Hi there! I am looking at the lulu website and I am curious if you know which jacket is on the header for the jackets and hoodies page (the cute girl in the sunglasses with a black jacket)?

Thanks- love your blog by the way!

LuluAddict said...

Dang, Anon 7:18 pm - I was hearing that it was a very pale yellow so I was going to skip buying the Mellow Lemon CRB. Now I have to take a look at it. ;-)

@ anon 7:28 pm - Thanks. That is a new jacket. We don't know what it is yet. Lulu likes to tease us by putting photos of new things that aren't out yet in their banners.

Anonymous said...

Is that a shadow on the black pace tank? It kinda looks like sweat?

Anonymous said...

I wasn't going to get the mellow lemon CRB but saw it in store and it is gorgeous. Bright but not neon and a nice true sunshiny yellow. Bleached coral speeds were baggy and see through on me but I ended up getting the raspberry glow/black swan ones on makedown even though I didn't initially like them- they fit perfectly and are fun and bright.

MafiaPrincess said...

Well ladies. Thank those of you who replied to me in the past few weeks about R&D. I got in as a ski instructor, and then needed to buy my first ls swifty tonight :)

Seems they are cutting back on who they let in.. and the lady needed to talk to her manager, but I got in, so thanks:)

Also took my first trip to the Vaughn Ont Lulu as they have a bigger sale rack. Endless colour blocking for sadly similar prices as my closer Lulu's.

I'm dying to try on an energy bra, but they weren't in stores yet. Anyone have a heads up on how long it takes for things to appear?

LC said...

LLA you are right about the grey wunder unders, I was just at the Irvine Spectrum store today and they had them in. They also had a couple of random sizes of the frond groovy run shorts and mellow lemon CRB and power Y. I actually managed to leave the store without anything new which hardly ever happens!

Anonymous said...

the mellow yellow long sleeved swiftly looks EXACTLY like my clarity yellow one - i had to check the tag. the CRB is a noticeable different colour though.

Anonymous said...

The Mellow Lemon CRB is nothing like Clarity Yellow. ML is NOT fluorescent at all. I bought it exactly because it was not fluorescent. It's a warm, nice yellow and it is soft.

Anonymous said...

That was about Mellow Yellow in the CRB, anyway.

RunLikeTheWind said...

Hmm, I just got the Burning Yellow CRB and I like it, even though it is more mac n cheese than the rubber ducky type yellow I was hoping for. I need a color comparison on here before I decide--my store didn't get them in this week. Plus what if that yellow ocean stripe featured in the AUS banner comes out??? I need more than a 14-day return policy window, Lulu.
Worked out in my inkwell gingham CRB last night. Interestingly, it seemed not to ride up as much as a regular CRB, even though it's tighter and stiffer. It also doesn't show sweat at ALL.

Anonymous said...

i ordered the energy bra in the yellow colors. I can't believe the green sold out already. Hope they show up at my local store.
I really want to try the new run tank, it looks promising. Anyone try it yet?


anneverzel said...

Sadly to the reader who ordered the bleached coral studio crops-mine are on their way back I could see my undies through them:(
are the frond groovys ever going to be online?
did i see a two toned bleach coral/pop orange swiftly in the pics?
counterfiets are not allowed on Ebay-if you see it report it they are out numbered and need help keeping people honest.
I refuse to buy A Scuba again until all issues are fixed I bought A mint moment one because i missed the aqua marine last year but its not nearly the quality of my older ones, but is indeed longer.
I need more than A lined hood, i had to send back my reg size 4 and get A 6 in the new one because it was tight and I have NO boobs:)
Thanks for the Blog:)

Anonymous said...

That Men's Dispatch hoodie looks like a North Face Denali knockoff.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Lulu is saying that the scuba stretch *lined aren't any longer:


Anonymous said...

@ RLTW 5:55, Mellow Lemon is not rubber ducky yellow but it is a true yellow and really lovely! I passed on burning yellow b/c it is so cheesy in color.

MB said...

The pic of what is labeled mellow lemon CRB (that a commenter above said looked fluorescent) could theoretically be faded zap, right? Really hope it comes in a solid CRB!

Anonymous said...

I tried the mellow lemon crb today and it was very pretty. I opted for the bleached coral instead because I like pinks on me more than yellows. But I'm still thinking about it because it is such a happy color! I also got the lined hood scuba in the white/dune combo. It caught my eye online and I was happy to see it in my store today. I got it although I'm not 100% sure I'll keep it just because I'm nervous about the light color. I got my old scuba size and definitely didn't need to size up. I have the Alberta lake rose print in the scuba stretch and I definitely needed to size up in that one. Just wanted to share in case anyone was thinking about ordering and wasn't able to try one on. :)

Anonymous said...

I have a question about the new Still pants. Is the luon quality like the old ones? I don't live near a store to check them out and I need to buy a new pair. Unfortunately yesterday I left my old black Still pants on the bench in the gym change room before my work out and someone took them. I'm not sure if someone stole them or accidentally grabbed them thinking it was their pants. At any rate they are not at lost and found. Boo. They were my fave pair of Lulu pants.

Anonymous said...

got the mellow lemon crb today nice yellow- LOVE! I also got the long sleve devotion in the blue/black stripes but sized down two sizes a 2- never have i ever needed that size? but it fits like a size 4, the 4 fit but was baggy in the arms and chest and neckline. I am super disappointed w/ the super curved baseball hemlines being featured on so many run tanks- also the too short is still comming on strong! I never used to buy crb's now thats almost all i buy since they are still nice and long, and no baseball hemline- except the ribbed ones- no likey :) ha ha ha! Love the two tops i got today however :)

Anonymous said...

I agree! Was so disappointed when I got it in the mail today, it was not as pretty as in pictures. Back it goes...I saw the scuba in Mellow Yellow and it was such a nice color

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a color comparison of Frond and Portapottie?