Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mellow Lemon Studio Pants, Dune Wunder Unders, Coral Grooves and More

The Mellow Lemon Studio Pants. Shown with the Warm Up Crew.

The Dune Gingham Wunder Unders.

Just little pieces of the Dune Gingham Cool Racerback shown here with the Bleached Coral Rejuvenate Hoodie.

The Frond Wunder Unders reverse to black.

More Surf Studio jacket photos.

 More of the Bleached Coral Grooves.

 Cardio Kick Tank and Frond Proceed With Speed Crops

 Pace Tank and Inkwell Inspire Crops

Surya Tank and Invert Crop


Anonymous said...

i got my order today - and gosh how i love the inkwell diamond WUs, i wish they were not see thru - i think i'm going to keep them and just always wear a long shirt with them... i'm really on the fence and i'd really love to get the mellow yellow DSPs but i'm so afraid of how see thru they will be. thanks so much for sharing your lulu collection! i love to see other collections.

Anonymous said...

Those yellow studio pants are so sheer you can see the pocket liners!! And her hands! Why bother wearing pants?

Anonymous said...

Wow things look pretty sheer and unflattering. Not sure how you can wear those yellow pants out of the house. The surf to studio jacket does look good in the last two pics. Those are the first one's I've seen that really look nice.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried the dune gingham WUs? Are they as see thru as I imagine they will be?

Anonymous said...

Any idea which crops the girl is wearing with the green surf studio jacket? They look cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm the anon who asked about Bleached Coral/Pop Orange Ta Ta Tamer a couple days ago. Thank you LLA and other ladies who replied to my comment!

I want to share my experience, it might help someone out there.

I went to the store today and exchanged my new TTT for a smaller band size. My older TTTs are all 34D, but got 32DD today. I grabbed several TTTs while at the store (different colors) to compare the band length, and they were all different, even though most of them were only tad shorter/longer, but one of them was obviously longer, like by 1/2 an inch.

So tried 32DD BC/PO TTT and that did the trick for me. Since TTTs have 4 sets of hooks, sizing down on band size wasn't a problem. FYI, I usually use the tightest or 2nd from the tightest set of hooks on my older TTTs, but 2nd from the loosest for my new 32DD BC/PO TTT.

I might have to get both 32DD and 34D if I want new TTTs from now on to see which size fits me better. I never knew the band length could be so different!

Anonymous said...

Anybody tried the Surf Studio jacket? My local stores do not have it and I am on the fence with ordering it.

Anonymous said...

I really don't know why LLL couldn't line the yellow and coral DSC and DSP like they have lined the Dune and white? I mean, no-brainer, right? Charge $10 more I don't care! What I care about is showing my ass, or thong underwear in public

Both of them would be in my closet right now if they were lined!

Anonymous said...

I got my inkwell diamond WU's today... sheer in the rear. Booooo. I'm going to return them and try on one of the jackets instead. Super bummed, but at least not sheer-bummed for long :)

luluFemom said...

Lol @ anon 3:05 - "Why bother wearing pants?" Love it. It's really sad, too, since the lined white DSCs were the pants that got me over my phobia of white pants - I love them and they are a staple of my wardrobe now! (Only between Memorial Day and Labor Day, of course. ;) Boo to lulu for lacking foresight on this one.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why people go ahead and still order what they already know (because they heard in blogs and online reviews) is a sheer fabric, and then complain about the same issue people have already discussed. Are they hoping for a miracle or a "different batch"?

PS. "Different batch" the silliest thing I have ever heard.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:57 fully agree on both your points.