Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Frond Pace Shorts, Work It Out Pants, and More

Black Layer Me LS and Frond Pace Short.

Mellow Lemon Rise and Shine Pullover and Frond Pace Short.

The new Work It Out Pants, looks like Inkwell, with the Rise and Shine Pullover.

Rise and Shine Pullover in Mellow Lemon

 Warm Up Crew and Pace Setter

Layer Me LS and Pace Skirt


Unknown said...

Looks like lulu stopped smoking the bath salts

Anonymous said...

Eric that is hil ary ass :), yes no New duck butt hemlines- but i think they'll drop some more on us. the length is the next thing they need to focus on- we want longer tops sweaters and coats- NOT SHORTER!!! These pullovers look a bit too short to me.

Anonymous said...

Eric that is too funny and it makes lots o sense. Yikes it took awhile for lulu to get it somewhat together.


Anonymous said...

Love the model with short hair. She looks fab in everything.