Thursday, January 17, 2013

Vancouver Warehouse Sale - The Scoop

One of my fellow lulu chat board members got to go to the warehouse sale pre-sale tonight. Here is her trip report. (It was not Lulumum since she got arm-twisted by corporate to keep quiet about what was for sale.) Thanks to Ms. X for her report.

I managed to sneak into the Lululemon Athletica (Ware)House PRE-Party. (One of my friends suddenly invited me to join her, so I went!!)

Basically, Lulu uses the half of BC Place for sale section and the other half for lineup area and the coat-check (free). I guess less than 1000 people were there tonight's pre-party, IMO. I didn't wait to get in the stadium much tonight.(Of course! Today is just PRE-Sale day..!) I waited about 15min or less for coat-check!

+Coat Check+
If you're thinking about going there this weekend, DO NOT BRING ANY BAGS and JACKETS if possible. Lulu won't allow you to bring those in to the sales section. You need to wait for a line for coat-check. Probably, I don't think it's a big problem when you check-in, have to wait for looooooooong time when you get out from the BC Place!!! I'm bit worried about this. A girl who searched my language took about 20 min to find my things... AND, there were waaaaay less than half people than actual Warehouse party....

+Price and Items+
Items I saw were mostly leftovers from this summer and fall/ winter items. The larger the size, the better the selection on bottoms. The smaller the size, the better the selection on tops/ jackets.
All item price between CAD$4.00 to CAD$99.00 + TAX. (No item pries more than CAD$99.00)
I've listed items with prices as much I remember.
- Define Jackets (Power Purple, Light Flash) Sz.2-10: CAD$69.00

- The Pedal Power Rain Jacket, Black/White (I didn't see any in smaller sizes. I remember I saw in Sz.12 and 10s): CAD$99.00

- Run:Bundle Up Jacket, all colours, full sizes: CAD$69.00

- St Moritz Jersey, Beaming Blue, Love Red, bigger sizes: CAD$36.00ish

- Lots of Swift Tee in various colours in full size: CAD$36.00ish

- Most Pants are priced at CAD$55.00
Groove Pants, Black with some colouring on waist, Pigment Blue, Currant-
Dog Runner Pants, Limitless Blue, Alberta Lake
DSPs, Pigment Blue, Currant, White, Grey
Run: Bold In The Cold Pants, Black Lace Reflective

- Crops are priced at CAD$36.00ish
Run: Inspire Crops, Currant, Black, Beaming Blue
Gather & Crow Crops

- Shorts/ Skirts are priced at CAD$29.00
Run: Sprinter
Run: Speed Shorts (not so cute colours...)
Turbo Run Short
Run: Sprinter Shorts (I saw most colours and pattern came out)
Run: Pace Setter Skirt, Milky Way and Pow Elevation Stripe

- Underwear (One with lace and tong), Sz. S-L: CAD$4.00
- Post Savasana bag - CAD$29.00


If I needed to wait for 3hs to get into the sale section, I wouldn't go.


girlydoll said...

Sooo, WMTM just less virtual and with longer lines?? No thanks. I still don't understand why they held it in BC when the Lululemon Outlet Warehouse is less than a half hour away.

They basically boxed up the Outlet store and moved it into a nicer venue. If they won't buy the crap when its a half hour away, putting it three minutes away isn't going to help... Hello!!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this report!! Now I know I am not missing anything :)

Anonymous said...

I'd love the swift tees and run shorts, but interesting no bras listed - and I wasn't able to get any bras (except the FTB tank) this past month on mark-down. I don't feel bad about missing this sale at all!

LuluAddict said...

One thing you might want to keep in mind is that the prices get slashed for the last day of the sale. That is what I have heard. However, I think things are pretty picked over by that time.

sophia said...

meh. not worth the LIRR ticket to get out to long island. i'll pass.

HOWEVER, if anyone happens to grab a tender violet runder under LS in a size 6...i'll gladly pay full retail!

Kim Von Chee said...

What? The Define jacket is on sale? Why is it not in the stores? Oprah wore it. Do they not want to make more money? I just don't get them sometimes. If I were a shareholder, I'd be really upset. This is why I don't own any lulu stock.

LuluAddict said...

@ sophia - the US one might have a different mix of items but based on what lulumum said and Ms. X it all sounds like what we saw in WMTM with a few leftovers thrown in.

Anonymous said...

From what I remember for sure

all crops are marked at $45
all scuba & Uba are at $79.
Savasana bag $19

Anonymous said...

KIm- Some stores still have a few defines, and they are on sale! My local store had a couple of colours and I picked one up for $69 (same price as the warehouse sale it seems).

Meg said...

I'm heading there tomorrow as I'm looking for Run:Inspire crops and DSP's in pretty much any colour. Will send more info once we've been through. My friend went today and said lineups weren't bad, but it was mid-day on a week day...I expect Saturday will be nuts.

Have you heard about the price snafu's as well? Seeing all sorts of comments on the Warehouse Party FB page about people feeling "duped" by the pricing system. Apparently there are dark orange and light orange sticker tags...but the colours aren't translating to the screens where the price legend is posted, leading people to feel like (or actually) be over charged at the tills. But since tags are being cut off at time of purchase, they have limited recourse. I'll be watching for that tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Any idea where the US sale will be held? Has that been posted yet?

Anonymous said...

Disappointing selections with tons of the same strip style stuff

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember how much the wunder unders were?

Anonymous said...

I saw some Define jackets on sale on boxing day in store in Canada. I think it just depends if the location has any left?

Anonymous said...

9:12 wow that's so sneaky! If armed w/ a phone w/ a camera (likely), take pictures of the hang tags before you get to the cash. I'd also recommend tallying up the total before you hit the cash so you know how much it's going to cost you.

Anonymous said...

Just finished at the sale. It was buy 2 women's items get the 3rd free! Pretty much all accessories were gone. I was happy with what I got and got my daughter the St Moritz sweater free!

Meg said...

That's exactly what I wound up doing, Anonymous 3:14pm...Worked out well. Scored a black SE Scuba for $79 (regular $168 ... was supposed to have fur trim but didn't), Boogie shorts ($22), Velo Vixen jersey ($32), Run tank (can't remember which swan/raspberry glow with a criss-cross back for $32), and an Iviva jacket for $29 (yes, I'm small enough to fit kids clothes :).

Line ups were almost non-existent...less than 10 mins to get in/do coat check at about 11:30am this morning (Saturday), about 5 min for change room, 0 min for check out and 0 min to collect bag. But as we were leaving (about 2 or 2:30pm) the line looked long. There were massages by donation and for part of the time, a band playing live. The rest of the time was a DJ...good tunes!

Prices dropped during the time we were in there..shorts were $29, but dropped to $22 just before we checked out. According to the Warehouse Party facebook page, item prices dropped across the board to max out at $79 sometime after we left (previous top end was $99) and after that apparently it became "buy 2 get 1 free." (Not sure if that's true, but there looked like lots of stock when we left, so maybe they just want people to buy, buy, buy!).

With no lines, it was definitely worth the trip for me and my friend. (Mens selection was terrible though, so our hubbies got nothing.) Based on the info from Mrs. X (above) and another blog I saw, selection was best on Friday. If it came to Vancouver again, I'd make an effort to get there on day one and scoop up the "gem" items. I really wanted a light flash define, but the closest I found was a Pow Pink define (that I didn't love enough to spend $69). Ah time!


jardan smith said...

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