Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Run: Reflective Jacket Photos

With the Get Up and Glow Tight

With Run: Reflect Crops

With Mint Get Up and Glow Tights

With Run: Reflect Crops

Shown with the Run: Reflect LS

The Black version of the jacket

Shown with Inkwell/Flare Runder Unders

Some photos of the new Run: Reflective Jacket. It looks cute on a few people - the more form fitted photos - and average on most others.


Anonymous said...

I'm still surprised how short the hem on the reflective jacket looks. For practicality, a dropped hem is important to guard against purple bum chill. The back is not quite long enough and the front looks just too short. Unf this jacket is going to be a pass for me. Back to my amphipod xinglet I guess.

Anonymous said...

I tried this jacket on last night and it fit me perfectly. It is a well made High end technical jacket. I think I will buy it , since I run and ride a bike at night. I might also get away with sailing in it.


Anonymous said...

Great visibility but WHY make it look so uniform-y?? First words from guy friends: STAR TREK

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 10:45 am - I agree about the silver version but the black looks like it lights up just as much so I'd go with that one if I was going to get this jacket. I much prefer the view from the side and back to the front view.

Anonymous said...

This isn't new technology. Nike released this glo in the dark fabric in some of the uniform pieces for the athletes in the recent Olympics. The Nike jackets were selling for over $500 on eBay after the fact. They retailed for about $400 in the stores and then MD to $250 before going off the radar. LLL is probably hoping to hit that same marketability but they don't have an Olympics to help advertise their wares. The concept is great--but I'm not a runner so I can't say with certainty if the execution is acceptable.