Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Oh Yeah - The Warehouse Sale in Vancouver

I almost forgot - this popped up on my news feeds this morning. It looks like there will be a Canadian warehouse sale in Vancouver this year. No word on whether there will be one in Eastern Canada, where it's typically been held or another in the US. I think the Chicago one was well-attended last year.


Anonymous said...

Uh... last year it was a disaster to park. Super crowded with a zoo-like atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

Is it super discounted?? Leftover stock?? What is this?

Anonymous said...

What are the odds that they will release wunder under crops in the spring has sprung print? I want that print on wunder unders so bad :(

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:42 pm - It's all the leftover stock from the store sale racks. I think it starts out at the first cut of the markdowns and gets better as the weekend goes on. Lines are really, really long.

@ anon 8:59 pm - I would think moderately good since most prints comes out in the wunder unders. However, the Laceoflage one didn't.

Anonymous said...

I so hope the warehouse sale comes back to Chicago!!!

LLA- The laceoflage did actually come in the wunder under but they "rebranded" it as the under crop. They just showed up at my store a few days ago along with the striped ones. they are actually really cute and I ended up succumbing to them :)

Anonymous said...

It's more than sale rack items. Last year I got grooves, cool racerbacks in 4 different colors, a black scuba, black bag, water bottle, Kung fu pant and metal vent tech in black for my husband. There were tons of grooves and other core items as well, and especially a LOT of variety of tanks for the 8-12 ladies. This was my experience in Chicago, anyway.

TheDish said...

Last year I was #44 in line at the Chicago sale. It was AWESOME! If you checked out in the first 30 minutes they gave you an extra 10% off (which in Chicago just covers sales tax). I bought an insane amount of stuff, but went back for more on Sunday night. On Sunday all the teenie sizes were super picked over. Actually, little sizes didn't have a ton to offer even in the first round on Friday morning. But, there were racks and racks of sizes 10s and 12s. They had lowered prices on crops, shorts, skirts, and bras. Then the 10s and 12s were buy one get one free. As was all of the men's merchandise.

What was there:
Lots of loose fitting pants
Lots of loose crops
All those weird drop crotch pants

What wasn't there that had been on my Must Have list:

What went super fast:
Yoga mat bags
All bright colors (they mostly had that mulberry color and teal from last year along with grey and black)

Anonymous said...

I wish I could go, too far away though. I also really like the spring has sprung pattern. I know a lot of people think it is old lady like. It would cheer me up if I saw someone wearing that patter in a yoga class, beats the boring old black tights.


macfrannie said...

totally OT but was just at my local Costco and they finally have the FuLu define jackets and Groove pants, wow, they look pretty nice for a darn good price. $25 for the jackets and $20 for the pants. I'll definitely think of those as a replacement if/when I wear out my LL pants.

Anonymous said...

Yup, there was a TON of the larger sizes left. I can see why Lulu doesn't care to go beyond a size 12.

SeeAlliRun said...

For the record, the sale has been held in Ontario which hardly counts as eastern Canada. However, zoo-like is an understatement. Waited in line for 3 hours in Ottawa last year. 1.5 of that was before the sale even opened. Another 1.5 to get through the line. Most of the stuff was things that you would typically see on the WMTM, except at much lower prices.

girlydoll said...

It usually is held in Ontario somewhere, but this being in Vancouver makes NO sense. Why would you have the warehouse sale, in the same place as the Outlet store?? One would think you would hit up an area that doesn't have access to this store, OR smarter would be to throw this at the same time as the SeaWheeze so you guarantee you sell out and sweeten the pot for out of town visitors... Then again that would be in line with all of LLL left field decisions lately.