Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Devotion Tee Colors and More

I'm kind of liking this outfit - Mint Moment Sea Stripe Reflect LS and matching Mint Moment Get Up and Glow Tights.

New Devotion tops in Pink Shell (LS) and Mint Moment (stripe).

Denim Inkwell Forme Jacket.

Top Speed bra in Flare/Inkwell Sea Stripe. I'm curious to give this bra a try.

 The Polar Haze Sea Stripe Forme Jacket.

 Spring Has Sprung Multi Print Get Up and Glow Jacket with matching Bangbuster.

The Pink Shell Sea Stripe Scuba Stretch with Spring Has Sprung Reflect Crops.


purrfiktangil said...

The more I see the Mint Moment Sea Stripe Reflect LS, the more I like it, but I find I tend to prefer 1/2 zips when I run so I can open them up if I get warm...but I am liking the look of it and may give in...time will tell.

In other news, I got my Shell Pink/White Striped Devotion LS today and it is more sheer than the Black and White striped one I got right after Xmas. I tried them both on over the same nude bra and I couldn't see it at all under the Black/white one, but could completely see it under the Shell Pink/White one. Anyone else notice this?

Anonymous said...

The get up and glo tights are very nice in person. But I already have the ice queen pants that I am really enjoying for running and yoga.


Anonymous said...

so I just wanted to pop in and say I purchased the Not So Basic Gym tee online and it came in the mail today and I am blown away with how much I love it. I got the light flare (bright orange) and it's so soft and lightweight it's the best gym shirt I've ever found. I immediately went online and ordered a black one as well.

I also got the bangbuster in SHS but need to exchange it as I don't like the placement of the pattern. But anyway- NSB gym tee is one of the nicest things I've purchased from LLL in a long time and I'm really stoked!

Anonymous said...

OT - can someone please give me advice regarding how the coat/bag check works at the upcoming LLL warehouse sale? Is there another line-up for checking your coat and bag once you get in the door? If you're not bringing a coat or bag does that mean you can go straight to shopping and avoid a further wait? If you don't have a bag or purse, do you have to check your coat?

And for planning purposes, since my husband and kids will be in tow, if I arrived a couple of hours after they open the doors is there still likely to be a long wait?

Thanks for any insight you can share from past experience.

Anonymous said...

@purrfiktangil - I thought the same thing about the pink and white striped devotion ls. I have the black and white, which is just a touch sheer. The pink and white is extremely sheer to the point that I don't think anything will look good under it. I will likely return it because of this. So sad because it is cute otherwise. I kind of feel like I'm wearing a pj top every time I try it on. Has anyone tried on the solid shell pink? I can't tell from the photos if it is sheer or not.

Anonymous said...

No top speed bras at my store, which is too bad because it looks like it has potential. I really want the polar haze; sea stripe; mint moment mash up. I don't have any "fun" bras like that and wouldn't mind having one.

More "water is wet" try on reviews:
1) Shape jacket is lovely, but too expensive.
2) Pump It Up tank, bra portion doesn't fit. (Though I do like orange/inkwell as a singlet)
3) Devotion LS looks ridiculous if your arms are too short and the elbow patches are on your forearms.

As for the season's colours - I have to say they look way better in person. Polar haze and mint moment are far more delicate than pictures make them look and while I doubt I could make them work (except in the previously mentioned bra) I can see them being popular.

Even the Orange/inkwell looks way better in person. I could see enjoying a sea striped bra or wearing two solid coloured pieces. I was surprised how much I liked the look of "Pump It Up" tank colours on my skin tone.

Still not a fan at the ratio of striped/colour-blocked to solid pieces. I'm finding it harder and harder to get "basics" instead of accent pieces.

Sandra said...

Bang busters are final sale so you may want to just sell it on ebay or something. I sold my lucky luon in mirage for the same reason; I didn't like the placement pattern but the buyer loved it.

Amy said...

Another bra that causes back fat bulges on slim models. (SIGHHH). No hope for me, is there? BRING BACK THE ENERGY BRA!!!

Anonymous said...

The energy bra is on the website, the only thing is that it's only in black. they could have made a few in the shell pink or Mint moment, I would snatch those up in a second. My paris pink one still bleeds but I still wear it, and the angel blue one is my favorite for most activities.