Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pump It Up Jacket, Pump It Up Tank, Right Round Pant, and More

Pump It Up Jacket ($128) and Tank ($68) in Light Flare.

 Crane Crops and Power Up Tank. Both are made from Silver Luon.

 New Mint Moment Daily Yoga Jacket, Sea Stripe Vinyasa, and Do It Up Duffel

Another photo of the new Run Right Round Pant. They are lined and water resistant. They might not be bad as apres pants if they were solid colored.

Pink Shell Swiftly and Classic Stripe organic Under Pants. I think most stores have the bottoms on markdown now but am not sure. I got caught wearing this swiftly in a rainstorm today and I'm happy to report it neither goes sheer or bleeds when sopping wet.
 Black Cool Racerback and Polar Haze Sea Stripe Wunder Under crops.

 Flip Your Dog bra and Astro Wunder Under Crops (I think)

 Some more Not So Basic Tees. I like how they fit on these ladies.

Shape Jacket, Run For Your Life Crops, and Shell Pink Sea Stripe Cool Racerback with a Swiftly headband.

FYI - Pleasing Pants Are Extremely Delicate!

"Constructed to be ultra soft and cozy, this french terry is delicate in nature - treat with care"
Be very careful when you are pulling on the Pleasing Pants. The tags have stickers on them saying how delicate they are and it isn't kidding. I personally think it's ridiculous to have sweat pants this delicate. I know I couldn't put a hole in my Feel Good Pants or Lulu Pant IIs (man, where were those this season? I love those). Seeing the warning sticker on the the hang tag was enough to keep me from buying them, well, that and the fact I hate the ankle zipper. Besides, $50 is still a good hunk of money to pay for a flawed product. (Thanks to Ms. S. for the photo.)