Sunday, December 23, 2012

NEW! Flip Your Dog Bra and Christmas Preview Items

New Flip Your Dog bra made of silver luon. This comes from an Australian email.

New Pink Shell and Pink Shell Sea Stripe Items that are coming: Inspire Crops, Swiftly Tee and LS (these are lace print), Free to Be Bra, No Limit Tank, Groove pants, Astro Wunder Under Crops.

Mint Moment Power Up Tank

I'm not sure what crops those are but I think the top may be the 105F Singlet. It is coming in a couple of new colors - Burning Yellow/Coal and Flare/Inkwell.

New luon light Work It Out tank in Light Flare/ Inkwell.

New All Sport bra in Inkwell/Light Flare Classic Stripe. I know my local store had a few Inkwell Fly Away Tamer Headbands out. Inkwell is a very dark navy. It'll be interesting to see it against Deep Navy and Deep Indigo, though I think Deep Indigo is lighter. Dark navys tend not to excite me that much but we'll see.

 I don't have a photo but there is also a Sea Stripe Pink Shell Cool Racerback coming. I might want that one. I think I definitely want the Sea Stripe Pink Shell CRB now. (Thanks to Sammi for the photo link)