Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Newest

The text in the new All Sport Heart Rate Monitor bra (on the Australian side) says you can use any heart rate monitor. Interesting. That would be cool because I have HRMs for both Polar and Garmin. Unfortunately, the All Sport is not supportive enough for me for running but I can use it for spin and other cardio. Hmm. I wonder if you can throw this bra in the wash. I know you can machine wash Polar straps but Garmin says to hand wash.

The Contentment Triangle tank and new Wunder Under crops. There are also black and white stripe Wunder Unders. Under Crop - both are made of cotton. The Beaming Blue version is cute. Shown with a Devotion tee and St. Moritz Sweater in the top photo.

 Flayway Tamer headband in classic stripe - I might have to get this - Chevron Scoop Neck Tank and Power Up crops.
 Lace Polar Cream Swiftly and Beaming Blue Inspire Crops.

New Mint Moment Vinyasa made of luon light.

Some of the new items on the Australian side of the website. Now we have stripes combined with color blocking. Ugh.

Bonded Groovy Run Shorts in Flare/Inkwell
Pretty new Take Me With You Tote in Spring Multi/Polar Haze
I kind of like this No Limit Tank. I'd also like to know what color bottoms those are - Tender Violet again?

Inkwell/Burning Yellow Inspire Crops

Who approved this one?
Mint Moment/Black

Inkwell/Light Flare
A new long luxtreme tight called the Get Up and Glo. Don't worry, there is also a solid black version.

It looks like a Bangbuster headband is coming the Spring Multi print. Also shown are a Flow Y and Mint Moment Power Y.

Another new silverescent sheer luon top was debuted - the Technicool LS. I wish it wasn't cropped so much.

Polar Haze striped Top Speed crops. I don't mind these since wild run bottoms are in right now.

Latest eBay Purchase - Spirit Pullover

Long time lulu fans probably remember the Spirit Pullover from 2009. This is the Power Purple version. I consider the Spirit one of the prettiest run tops lululemon ever came out with and this post is a shameless plea for them to consider bringing it back (next year?!?). I picked up the Power Purple one on eBay recently for a very good price. My sister owns two of them, one in Fruity Tootie and another in Bright Blue.

The black version was gorgeous but at the time I didn't want to spend $118 on a fleece hoodie for SoCal. The reflective designs really make the piece but it has a very flattering fit.

Product Features:

  • The perfect thermal midlayer for winter running
  • Wicking tech fleece has high-loft backing for added warmth
  • Off-set zipper keeps abrasion away from your face when zipped up
  • Tight scuba-shaped hood to keep wind out
  • Set your ponytail free from your hood!
  • Cuffins with thumbhole for cold fingers!
  • Secure back pocket for your belongings
  • Long length hem that won't ride up or stretch out
  • Reflective for 360° of visibility
  • Chafe resistant - flat seams
  • Price: $118


Bright Blue

Fruity Tootie

Burning Yellow Compared to Mac N Cheese and Creamsicle Pop

Clarity Yellow Ribbed Cool Racerback Left and new Burning Yellow CRB, right
Some awesome comparison photos from Ms. T - From top to bottom - Clarity Yellow, Mac N Cheese Yellow, Burning Yellow, and Creamsicle Pop. I'm kind of shocked how orange Burning Yellow is because when you see it on it's own in photos it looks yellow. If I come across a comparison of Burning Yellow to Tang Light I will post it.

As a reminder her is Creamsicle Pop and Pop Orange. Left to right: Flare, Creamsicle Pop, Pop Orange.