Thursday, December 13, 2012

Polar Cream Pitter Patter, Mini Try On Reports, and More

Polar Cream Pitter Patter Pullover

Shown with Run For Your Life Crops

The Runder Under LS with silver. I tried this on today and really liked it. I like that it's solid and doesn't have any stripes on it. The ruffles at the shoulder are a nice touch, too. It came to right below my crotch in the front and covered my rear pretty well. The only thing I don't care for is the price but I will keep an eye out for this to hit the markdown rack.

The solid Beaming Blue U-Turn Pullover with silver. I didn't see this at the store today. I am curious to know whether the arm seams are as stiff as the are on the color blocked versions.

Pink Shell Bangbuster, Swiftly, and Pirouette headbands. The Swiftly is very pretty and I was tempted to get it. I wonder if the Pink Shell Swiftly tops will be as concentrated in color. Sometimes the headbands look much better than the actual shirts and pinks always seem to be diluted with the lines of silver.

Classic Stripe White/Pink Shell Power Y. I was tempted to get this today. I actually liked the fit of this Power Y and I haven't cared for many of the luon light Power Ys. The material felt on the thicker side, for a change.

 Beaming Blue/Laceoflage No Limit Tank.

I really like this combo of the Black Don't Hurry Be Happy (really glad I got this, it's been chilly here lately.) and the Laceoflage Lustrous crops.

 Beaming Blue Laceoflage Inspire crops. I tried on the new Black and White striped Inspires yesterday. I am considering getting a pair for cooler weather running.

The Laceoflage Side Angle Pant and Pink Shell Forme Jacket.

The white herringbone Wunder Unders are getting a lot of chatter on the boards. They are super soft and stretchy. Shown with a Black Scoop Neck on top and a White Shape Jacket with the Pink Shell Cool Racerback on the bottom.

Two of the new Ice Queen Styles. I like the black and white striped ones a lot.

 Great shot showing the flattering seaming on the back of the Lustrous Crops.

I like how Raspberry Glo coordinates with Pink Shell. I was having trouble coming up with jackets to pair my new PS CRB with. I think it looks nice against Bordeaux, too.

Great front and back shots of the Shape Jacket.

Men's Chillstop Hoodie. I think the color is Black Iris Blue but it looks a lot like Alberta Lake Green to me. The color is beautiful.

Men's Chillstop Half Zip in Limitless Blue - you can match your SO now when you run together!  ;-) It's softshell in the front and fleece in the back.

New Men's (or unisex) Crosstown Beanie and Scarf made of merino wool. I don't care about the beanie but I do like the scarf. This one actually looks practical unlike the bulky women's version.

More Stripes Craziness in Our Future

The ladies had some fun with the Mint Moment Forme Jacket but check out this latest Forme on the right. It's a Polar Haze Sea Stripe shown with the matching Wunder Unders. The girl also has on the matching CRB underneath which we can't see. This one might actually be kind of fun when paired with solid bottoms but it's pure crazytown with the matching Wunder Unders. It seems like the designers were drawing inspiration from the circus or maybe prisons. However, it seems that is what is on tap for Spring 2013. Maybe lululemon shouldn't follow the trends so closely. The occasional striped piece is great to update my collection but not everything needs to be striped.

Stripes are IN for Spring 2013

So, this brings up an interesting question - how closely do you, Jane Lululemon Consumer, want your technical wear to follow street clothing trends? It seems as though the color blocking went over very poorly. I'm not sure how well it's doing as far as street wear is concerned either. I know I'm seeing more of it on TV lately but I'll have to pay more attention when I'm out and about. Stripes will probably fair better since it's a very classic look but I think there are only so many striped items I am willing to add to my current lululemon collection. I'm not sure I'd be willing to do head-to-toe thick stripes though I did love Deep Navy Amica Stripe when it was out a few years ago and have seen women rock the look:
Deep Navy Amica Stripe